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The Plight of Men (Part 1)

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Men today are told two things.

(Specific to “this part” of the Internet).

  1. Watch the damn world burn. You can be a hedonistic, selfish person and have all of your desires satisfied sans a loving wife and children. Though not required, it often seems to come with quite a bit of bitter rage and hatred of women, Western values, and society as a whole to manifest in thought. Often times, this attitude comes to fruition via high levels of rationalization – “There are no good women left in the world, the West is declining, etc.”
  2. You can take the leap of faith. And hope beyond hope that you make it in a nuclear family.

Let’s break ’em down.


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Here’s the problem with this: men who stumble upon these parts are lost.

They need direction, guidance, and help. The problem is, sometimes the people with the biggest audiences, and therefore, the most influence – are slightly unstable themselves.

This is the nature of the beast, of the creator.

Writers and artists are fickle beings.

As a result, when those with high influence flip-flop their views back and forth, from positive upbeat masculinity to bitter vitriol, those who are most susceptible to being influenced are just along for the ride. Foundational principles of the burn the world mantra include:

  1. There are no good women left in the West.
  2. Women have it easy and simplistic in their lives
  3. Game is the pathway to all, it will allow you to indulge in any and all hedonistic pleasures with no consequences for your actions.

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Hard for me to argue this point, given that I’ve now migrated out of it.

My thoughts on the matter are this: There are some good women left in the Western hemisphere, but overall it is few and far between. You may have to journey far and wide to find them, and at the same time you are basically playing Russian Roulette.

Almost no one is immune to the societal pressures, especially women – many of whom subscribe to a herd mentality. Therefore, to gamble your assets, well-being, and even worse–the future of your children–make it a slightly very raw deal for men of the West.

Secondary matter is where you would find them.

Personally, I have no desire to migrate to some tiny town in Alabama to find a home-grown girl with strong family values and a healthy outlook on masculinity and the feminine. As a young man, I want to live in a busy and thriving metropolis with lots of exciting things to do and see.

I also am aware that most of the metropolis areas in the Western world are degenerate liberal holes that will poison any girl against traditional values. And really, can you blame them? What sounds more exciting–a night out partying and having men buy you drinks, or breast feeding at home to a cranky baby?

Of course, it’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

Saying that there are no good women left in your homeland is an easy way to take the path of selfishness, and for this I cannot blame men. However, to eschew the opportunity to make the world a better place—to pass on the genes that your ancestors fought so hard to protect—simply because it’s a lot of work to find one?

Seems to me like a cop-out.

Of course it’s not easy, but nothing easy is ever worth it. Our ancestors had access to many young, beautiful, and traditional girls. They had that part of their life very easy.

However, they lived without any and all modern technology. In trade for those beautiful girls, they had to worry about jobs that were potentially fatal, such as coal-mining or working on a nuclear plant. In trade for those traditional values, they had to deal with the fact that life could be stripped away in the blink of an eye—no modern medicine was around to combat what were (then) deadly viruses, such as the flu.

While we may piss and moan about how difficult we have it these days, our ancestors would have every damn right to piss and moan at how difficult other aspects of their lives were. And sure, we may be able to hold over their heads that at least they were biologically fulfilled and had a purpose, but I’m not sure I would swap places with them if given the choice. I enjoy working in a coffee shop on my laptop as opposed to sweating in a coal mine all day.

Simply put, men may have to pack their bags and move abroad if they wish to find these wives of value. And it’s funny to note, in places like Ukraine (where I’m writing this from), which is full of traditional values and stunning women who like men—there is a trade off. I don’t have some of the modern amenities and perks that I had in the West. Much like my ancestors, I’m making that trade-off.

You have the choice to either indulge in the player, selfish lifestyle–and if you choose that route, I won’t blame you. However, it’s important to note that ego protection is very prevalent here. If you rationalize to yourself that there are no good women left in your world, it’s unlikely you’ll find them.

However, to say this without searching is just bitter foolishness.


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WOMEN HAVE IT EASYplight of man russian

Again, easy point to argue and agree with. On paper.

However, imagine that one day you were stripped of your entire ability to have rational thought (or at least severely handicapped). You based nearly every decision off of how you felt in that very moment, unable to actually process the decision in a logical matter that would improve your life both in the current and future.

Instead, you make every sacrifice to make you feel good during that very second.

And this is when you are actually forced to make a decision, which you hate doing.

Imagine being the best you were ever going to be in your lifetime when you were the most inexperienced that you would ever be. Imagine living in a society where all of your “mentors” (i.e. older women) were preaching one thing, but deep down seemed miserable at the world.

Imagine being told that you had to live up to the same standards as everyone, but no matter what it just didn’t seem possible.

Does being a woman sound so great now?

Sure, free drinks, lots of attention, and other benefits are great. There’s no denying that. However, the way that a man can logically look at this and dissect the situation is not the same that a woman will. Would a woman ever be capable of analyzing the way that things are like I just did above?

Probably not.

Because they live in the moment, they feel. So whilst us men can piss and moan that women have it so easy, I am finding more and more in life that most women in this Western world just seem like lost little girls.

It’s why they latch on to me when they realize that I can be a strong, guiding pillar of strength. It’s amplified even more here in Eastern Europe. And this isn’t just to toot my own horn–any of you are just as capable of pulling this off as I am.

Again, we look at how ego justification works. In conjunction with the Watch the World Burn mantra, it’s easy to say, “Well, women have it easy as shit, so why would I do anything for them, or for the good of society?”

On paper, I can’t fault a man—I’ve been saying this a lot and will continue to do so throughout the article. Everyone undergoes their own journey through the matrix. Everyone comes out on the other side a little bit differently, for better or worse.

However, it’s my belief that throwing the “women have it easier” line is becoming such a common trend, that it’s simply a copout to working harder on yourself. No, it’s not fair that they have so many options and get things in the dating scene so easily–but is it really fair that the majority of them have no idea what to do with their value?

It’s easy to see here–girls in places like Ukraine don’t have the dating options or the attention-seeking habits of Western girls–and they also have a better grasp of the value of their youth and beauty at a young age.

This goes straight back to the last principle—there are no good women left.


It’s the easy way out.

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To that I argue: what is the fun in game if it becomes a chore?

If your entire seduction model is based off a robotic routine that becomes more of an ego gratification than a biological urge of passion, can one say that this is truly the measure of happiness for a man?

Don’t get me wrong, there are true cads out there in the world. Those who just love being with many women, love flirting, and love the entire process of it all. It’s easy to spot these guys in comparison to the guys who are robotic seducers because they gave up on trying the nuclear family option. The robotic seducers have a sense of mundane bitterness about them, the cads enjoy the process. The cads will die happy men knowing that they lived a life of adventure, and the robots will die bemoaning that there are no good women left in the world.

Lesson: There is a huge difference between sexual release because you want sex and ego gratification. The latter will only gratify your ego until you get the next hit of the drug.

Faking it until you make it only works in the ego gratification stage of this. What is the point of becoming a master of disguise: to pull on your player’s coat and appear confident?

There is no point unless you reach a point where there is genuine confidence underneath that veil. Until you pull that coat off and are a truly charismatic and confident man underneath that, one must protect their ego—game is the gate to the heavens. Game is where I will get my fulfillment in life.

Game is what I will take with me to the grave.

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In conclusion, I find it hard to fault men for taking the hedonistic and selfish path. Watching the world burn while you profit, after the world has burned you for your entire life—hey, what goes around comes around. However, my travels, teachings, and experiences gained in the last years has made me realize that some men are hardly better than the feminists at 40 with nothing to show but their cats.

In part 2, I’ll be diving into the second option: taking the leap.


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  1. Nice. Just a tidbit about your first point, watching the world burn. I myself was attracted to that kind of writing, because it resonated with me. I am aware that there was a lot of positive stuff out there, too. But I did not care for it. I wanted to feel my anger. People telling me to be positive made me even more angry. I wonder if anything you say here would have changed how I view it. When the pain grips control of your entire body, you become the pain. Light becomes disgusting to you. I wonder if there is a way around this, but maybe that’s just the way it is.

    1. I feel you. The anger phase is something almost everyone needs to go through in order to fully understand the world. And most men in today’s world have every right to be angry.

      The problem is if you can never let go of that anger, you’ll likely be unhappy.

      1. Yeah, that is true. It took me a fight with a cop and three months in psychiatry to decide that maybe living out that anger is not the most promising path for the future.

  2. I agree with you, I know guys with notch counts in the several hundreds and it’s more of an ego thing then a biological urge thing. The thing is, these guys kill it in the field though. Recently moved to Vegas in large part for game but at what cost. Vegas is great but finding quality relationship women here is difficult in sin city. I figure I live my mid to late 20 player days here and go overseas in my early 30’s when I start wanting something more serious and foreign women value older men.

    1. Don’t think you’re not valued now, man. By the sounds of it, you’re probably 27. An 18-20 year old foreign girl will love you.

      My posts recently have taken on a different tone as I met a girl I really liked, but more and more I am seeing the appeal of building a business and a life while having one top-notch quality girl around, as opposed to spending a lot of time in the next half of my 20s (I’m almost 25 now!) chasing tail and racking up notches in the 100s.

      Or I could just be a softie.

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