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I’m The Other Man – A Lesson For You



So I meet this girl on Tinder, tiny little Latina. Find out she’s in town just for a week or so, visiting from Texas. She’s moving here in August/September (supposedly). Conversation gets pretty sexual pretty quickly.

I explicitly ask her, “Are you saying you want to have sex with me? :O”

She responds, “Yes, I am.”


Her shirt is literally a cat’s face. Like, the entire thing except the sleeves. Hence the title of this post. Come to find out, she’s also got pussy tattooed on her. Good lord, I think I’ve hit the crazy jackpot. But I’m willing to excuse the shirt considering it’s not covering her entire stomach and all I can imagine is busting a nut all over her belly.

This is an update on the girl who wore a cat shirt on our first date:

Now, for the main event. I pinged her to see if she was around. She was sexy and I wanted a second go with her.

Me: Did you end up moving here?

Her: Who is this?

I read the text and erase it, fully planning on never talking to her.

Her, 5 minutes later: ?

Me: (Send pic of myself)

Her: I’m confused

Me: Lol never mind you obviously don’t remember me

Her: Try and refresh my memory then? Its been a long day

Me: Kyle. Met on tinder back in the summer

Her: Did we ever meet up? Lol I’m sry I have a bad bad memory

Me: Haha we hooked up…

Her: We fucked?? Damn lol

Me: LOL. (Sends another pic)

Maybe this one will jar your memory better.

Her: How did this happen? Lol I wish I remembered

I’ve been drunk a lot since then lol

Me: Lol. You were staying with your mom. Tried to come to samo. She said no. I drove to Simi. We played pool. Went to my place. Hell I even have a video of you saying “best sex everrr”

Her: Send me that video!

I’m getting a bit suspicious at this point.

Me: Still not remembering? Geez now my feelings are hurt 😉

Her: Actually this is her boyfriend. Well this is not cool but at least now I know the truth. Thanks for the info.

Me: Hope it wasn’t a boyfriend back in the summer?

“Her”: Yep I sure was

Me: If you’re being serious send me a selfie of you. Sorry man.

“Her”: It’s fine. Thanks for letting me know.

Wellllllll, shit.

I punched her digits into Facebook and from my guesstimate they’ve been together a year and a half or so. Found his name. So I sent another text saying, “What’s your name? Is it Sam?” More or less wanted to make sure they both still live in Texas so I don’t have to worry about any crazy boyfriends knocking on my door. If he had been willing to send a selfie back I would’ve absolutely sent him indisputable proof that we banged.

Fortunately I have a video of her saying, “Best sex everrrr,” while cooing my name, and a pretty good “I-didn’t-rape-you” text on top of it that I shared in the original post. So I don’t have any false accusations to worry about – hence I would’ve been willing to help the guy by sending him a pic of her on my bed or something. Maybe I would’ve even sent him a link to the blog.

Gentleman, let this be a lesson in female hypergamy. Or hell – female “boredom”. Here was a boyfriend that she’d been with for over a year. Posted all sorts of sweet things on her profile with him. Yet, she cheated on him with a random guy off of Tinder in California when she was visiting her mother. She went out of her way to lie to her mom, the “love of her life” (according to Facebook), and who knows how many other people in order to cover her bases – all so she could fuck me.


Well, one night, two rounds of sex.

Without a condom.

She drove home at some crazy time like 4:30am that morning.

Again, she pretty much fucked me because she was bored. Let that sink in for a second. She’s now going to face a destroyed relationship so she could get one night of pleasure out of it. On her date, she even told me she was just bored while staying with her mom – hence the Tinder account. Now this poor guy will likely be left picking up the shattered pieces of his heart, all because she was “bored”.

One can hope he has some game, but considering how oblivious he was to this, I wouldn’t bet on it.

He’ll need to get some game at some point, else the same thing will probably happen to him again down the road.

Because the game never ends.

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