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The Modern Birth Control Scam



I have a theory.

Hold with me.  It’s getting rather late at night, and I’m a little…well, drugged.  I accidentally bought drowsy Claritin instead of non-drowsy, so I’m feeling a little bit high and loopy.  In any case, I have figured out a key scam of society.

Birth control pills, IUDs, Plan B, and even abortions – are dirt cheap.  Hell, they’re practically free.  These are drugs and procedures that decrease, and prevent, fertility.

However, if we flip the script around, processes like freezing eggs, surrogate mothers, and in vitro fertilization cost a small fortune.

Coincidence?  I-U-D.

It’s Unlikely, Dude.

To prove my point, we must look no further than simple propaganda.  Look at how much the government, parents, and society as a whole encourage birth control.  Of course, young girls are pushed to take these pregnancy measures even more seriously, when, coincidentally (NOT) they are actually the most fertile they will ever be in their lives.  They are encouraged to suppress what biology truly wants, and jump on the cock carousel. 

Meanwhile, as the wall looms closer, the ability to be fertile drops considerably.  And when this time comes, in comes modern medicine to save the day, with a million different methods to get pregnant that only cost the price of tuition to send two of the little buggers to an Ivy League school.

What a brilliant con.

The medical fields pass out birth control like Halloween candy, effectively reducing a woman’s ability to reproduce under her own accord.  They manipulate a woman by selling her the good life of a partying throughout her twenties, and even into her earlythirties.  Once she hits that though, doctors use a woman’s very own biology against her – to sell her what is essentially a service.

If you think about it, it’s hardly different than someone hiring a lawyer to argue their case for them.  Women are instead hiring doctors to argue against their own biology, and these doctors are happy to laugh their way to the bank.

You see, we vastly underestimate doctors as businessmen.  We think that because they took hundreds of classes, and spent years of their lives training, that they’re simple pawns we can play; that they’re out of their element as soon as you take the surgical knife out of their hand.  What this proves though, is that reproductive doctors are cunning.  They paid attention in Economics 101, while teen girls were too busy being passed out free packets of birth control in sex ed.

You see, with the way society sells life to young women, they want to terminate their eggs.  They want to avoid pregnancy at all costs, especially during their most fertile years.  To end up with a child are that point would rob the pour souls of lifelong experiences.  Therefore, there is a demand for a product that will prevent pregnancy.  The medical sectors and the government supply exactly that in the forms of the aforementioned drugs and procedures.  It is easy for them to keep the market at an equilibrium, because these methods are cheap to manufacturer.

However, among women aged 30-35+, there is a high demand for pregnancy itself.  So, who helps with that?

Once again, the exact same people who supply it.

(You would think there would be some sort of law against this.  I’m an engineer, and I’m not allowed to design products that will force someone to buy a different product ten years down the road that is infinitely more expensive.  It’s illegal.)

The only difference between the supply this time is that the service (getting pregnant) is very limited, expensive, and effectively monopolized.  Who knows how much fertility enhancement really costs, but it doesn’t matter.  The price that the buyers are willing to pay will dictate the market.  And women, desperate and hell-bent on having a little rug-rat, are more than happy to drive the price sky-high.

You know how 20% of the people have 80% of the wealth?

I think it’s safe to say that reproductive doctors fall in that 20%:


Reproductive specialists are physicians who specialize in obstetrics and gynecology and have particular training in the area of fertility. They are familiar with complex problems related to reproduction and develop methods to help patients conceive successfully.

Reproductive specialists help patients understand the various factors that influence fertility, specifically genetic factors. They advise treatment options that can help improve the chances of conceiving a child. They also oversee nontraditional conception procedures like in vitro fertilization.

Salary Information

A typical Salary Range for this career is $269,000 – $366,000 annually.

The Median Income for this career is about $326,000 annually.

Really, who can blame the doctors for simply taking advantage of the system?  Some might say that it’s not fair for them to use biologically as a profit, but they’re clearly proving intellectual superiority over society as a whole.  I’ll even go as far to say as it’s not the fault of young women – what chance do they have against the propaganda mafia?

Sadly, ThisIsTrouble has spoken the truth, again.  The answer is none.  But, you should always raw dog.

Reproductive doctors will continue laughing to the bank, while post-wall women will continue sobbing in distress over not being able to bear a child.

What a cruel world we live in.

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  1. Long time lurker, but I thought I would post on this one to add my own two cents from a female perspective.

    You’ve made a good point here and what you’ve said is mostly true. I say mostly because “dirt cheap” in terms of price for contraception is definitely relative, and the costs for taking them are far beyond that of just financial (there are health risks, hormone changes, etc.)

    Though I think you have the system reversed. Modern medicine simply adapted to the current societal circumstances: the growing empowerment of women leading them to believe in sex positivity, hook-up culture, etc. Undoubtedly this increase in casual sex will cause increased pregnancies, I think we all know a couple of high school girls who got knocked up during or fresh out of their teens. It’s an epidemic, or at least it was.

    I guess what I am trying to get at here is that birth control wasn’t invented and isn’t promoted without a reason. If unwanted and unnecessary pregnancies weren’t occurring at an unacceptable rate, there would not be a need for birth control.

    1. That could be very true, and I see where you’re coming from.

      Birth control, and therefore, the profits, was a direct result of…feminism. However, does that make profiting so greatly off of it any better?

      Nonetheless, thank you for coming out and not lurking anymore! I appreciate the comments and hope you stick around.

  2. From a MGTOW perspective, I’d much rather have a male birth control pill that I could start or cycle off (if I chose). It would put the power back in my hands, to help weed out those that wanted me for the paycheck that a child could produce or one that was serious about wanting me.

  3. Our entire systems a scam, this is basically the essence of red pill. I’m sure you’ve heard about the deep web which has a decent amount of red pill stuff, there’s also a ton of great blogs for it (like heartiste). personally this ones my favorite
    Bear with him but I would read the entire introduction (about 14 posts) if you find it interestesting.

  4. Good post pal. I like the way you think. It all makes so much sense from a business perspective, it’s hard to doubt.

    Even if it’s not the doctors as individuals pushing it, the pharmaceutical companies who doubtlessly have large investments in fertility treatments would have to be implicated.

    1. Dude, I just don’t trust doctors PERIOD.

      I just had bloodwork done and apparently I’m at a slight risk for cholesterol. My doc’s advice? Exercise more (as if 6 days a week, 3 of those twice a day isn’t enough), and eat more carbs and less fat.

      More carbs…less fat. I think I should switch docs.

  5. Good post pal. I like the way you think. It all makes so much sense from a business perspective, it’s hard to doubt.

    Even if it’s not the doctors as individuals pushing it, the pharmaceutical companies who doubtlessly have large investments in fertility treatments would have to be implicated.

  6. Its not a bad plan, because most American women ain’t shit. i can’t blame someone who gives up completely and just makes money and tries to live a completle life that involves exercise, business, and social etc success.

  7. I have long believe that birth control reduces fertility. And that the fertility issues of today are being driven by it. I think of my grand mother and grand aunts and people of their generation and in the rural part of the world country they live in and how women bear children all into their late 30s and early 40s having all 6-12 kids without any special fertility treatment. Furthe I do not remember these fertility problems existing before birth control came out or when it was just rolled out in the 50s and 60s and 70s. It seems like these girls who grow up on birth control form 15-16 spend 15-20 years destroying their fertility and when its time to have a kid at 35 they can’t

  8. Theorizing about conspiracies is all well and good. Society needs that. The one you are proposing does not appear to be valid, though here’s one along similar lines: “Modern medicine” is conspiring to keep you alive and sick until it owns every penny you’ve ever saved. They profit from selling expensive poisons which are designed to relieve the symptoms of your disease; all the while ignoring the concept of “root cause” which should be found and addressed in order for you to be healed.

    Instead, they profit from keeping you sick and multiply your illnesses with the poison’s and procedures they call “medicine”. They do this at criminally overpriced rates (which are conveniently blamed on third parties such as “insurance”) until they have drained your life savings so thoroughly that your family can barely afford to put you in the ground.

    O Here’s another one: If you can not pay your land tax, the land that you have paid for and own (according to the law) will be taken from you. Therefor, you can not just buy a piece of land and live on it 100% sustainably without also contributing the financial-slave system (which has no place in natural law). The legal system of this world forcibly requires you to earn enough money to pay a land-tax which in truth provides no service which “transaction-specific administration fees” could not cover on their own. The requirement to pay a land-tax means that no-one can be free to live according to natural law, 100% self-sufficient, independent, and free upon the land.

    1. “Theorizing about conspiracies is all well and good. Society needs that. The one you are proposing does not appear to be valid”

      Okay, why?

      If you’re going to discredit a theory you have to prove why. C’mon dude.

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