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The Microsoft Outlook Email of Death


A notification for Microsoft Outlook appears in your inbox.

It’s the project “manager”, though manager is a strong word. More like professional butt-licker with an incredible ability to bend over whenever needed.

In all seriousness though (for those of you still left), project managers are everyone’s worst nightmare in the corporate environment. They’re constantly wasting everyone’s time with all of the following:

  • Project planning meetings
  • Status update meetings
  • Brainstorming seshes

Almost all are just a colossal waste of time so that project managers can kiss their boss’ ass.

And there was this one at my last job, his name was Jim – everybody hated him. He was almost solely responsible for giving me enough motivation to leave that place. His constant preaching, calling pointless meetings, and general “I’m so much better than you because I MANAGE” drove the knife into the heart of my corporate career. I had many a fantasy of telling him this on my last day, but never went through with it.

These days though?

I love Jim.

If not for him, I don’t know if I’d have made the courage to make the leap.

Sometimes, it’s the hatred that fuels you far more than the good times.

Of course, if you let your hatred and anger fuel you in the wrong way, it’s destructive.

But if you manage to get a bit mad and use it for motivation…there’s no stopping you.

Speaking of stopping:

I won’t be selling “Noob Niche Site” anymore.

But, I’ve revamped the PRO version into an even better guide. A guide that could easily free you from the shackles of your own Jim and his boring meetings. And who knows, maybe even catapult you into something even greater.

Details about how to break away from Jim is at the jump below:

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