Last updated: March 4, 2016

The Herd



We flock to the clubs and bars of downtown metropolitan areas every Friday and Saturday nights.  Across the nations, millions of people are pre-gaming in their house with shots of cheap vodka before piling into a car and making the trek to the booze and cigarette ash smelling streets that they all consider as glamorous.  Girls are consulting other girls about which dress is the perfect combination of slutty and classy, whilst all guys are throwing on their best dress shirt, jeans, and pair of dress shoes.

Let me repeat that: EVERY guy wears that.  Hint: suit/blazer up.

Everyone sits in traffic on the way to their destination.  Once there, they must deal with the lines, fees, and other headaches associated with going out.  They pour liquid poison into their body to loosen themselves up.  A drug, if you will.

For the next several hours, guys approach girls and attempt to create a connection from thin air, while the girls either shoot them down, or if the right amount of charm is presented, do their half to create that thin-air spark.  As the evening goes on, people get more antsy.  At closing time, it becomes a mad rush to get out of the club or bar.

Once out, everyone flocks to the greasy taco stand to shovel more poison down their throats in an attempt to counteract the liquid poison previously consumed.  Once this garbage has been been devoured, everyone piles back into their respective cars and heads home to crash out in a state of alcohol-induced exhaustion.

Is any of this really different than getting ready for work every day (pre-gaming), dealing with traffic and tolls (lines, cover), having your boss piss you off (bartender), dealing with your annoying co-workers (trying to pick up), getting more aggravated as the work day goes on (the frantic run for the exit and drunchies), and then passing out due to exhaustion from working so hard (the hangover).

Is this how bad our society is?  That we’re so mindless and willing to cave into the ridiculous demands of the workforce, that we’re then willing to wander out like drones on the weekends to meet the supply of alcohol to cope with it?

Supply, meet demand.

When S & D are at an equilibrium, everybody is happy in the world.  The demand for these loud, smoke-filled clubs exist because of the shitty 40 hour slave week we partake in America.  Then, those same corporations some of the drones work for supply all the alcohol to cope with it.

That’s fucking pathetic.

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  1. Assuming your next post will be … How to jettison from this wasteland of a life? You present a very realistic view of the world – but some version of it has played out for centuries – probably since the advent of coming together as tribes.

    We gather. We meet. We come together. The young and old alike, do this in the hopes of satisfying the need to connect with other people. Even the strange loner in the corner, not interacting with anyone, watching people – is there to connect, if only for a few hours – to be part of something.

    There are church socials, there a “straight edge” rock nights, there are book clubs – all doing the same thing.

    I’m not disagreeing with your assessment – just curious as to the answer to an inevitable question….So? …as we blindingly enter another weekend.

  2. I don’t think the corporations are per se the problem. I think it is a general lack of consciousness in the populace. Abolish the corporations and they will flock to something equally damaging. Because that is the only thing they know to do. It is hammered into us from our birth and the rare ones who have parents with a little confidence do not suffer from it as much and find better ways on their own. The idea behind the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I believe. The solution must start with the individual, not with changing society, I believe.

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