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The Girls Want You to Dance Like a Monkey



The best way to describe dating abroad is that it’s, well—normal.

For example, I was a computer engineer making nearly $100k at 23 in the States.

This should have been a huge catch.

Instead I was just “another engineer”. Boring.

Dude on IG with 5k followers is more interesting. My blog was way more fascinating to girls I was out with. They’d rather watch paint dry than have me tell them about the computer stuff I was doing. But a blog—about sex—oh, yeah, baby, give me more of that.

Now, on the other hand, in Eastern Europe

A girl would love me if I was a local and had a good paying job in tech. That’s a huge catch!

Not so much in the States or the Western world in general. In that world, impractical things that are exciting and turn girls on are far more of a commodity than a stable job.

And frankly…

I mean, who wants to live like a dancing monkey? Sure, posting to IG or Twitter a million times a day and growing a huge following will get you girls, but it also makes you a dopamine crack addict.

There’s a balance.

Dating Abroad—Doable

Abroad, you need to be a strong, masculine man who has his shit together.

But definitely not a dancing monkey.

And, to add on to this a bit more…let’s go back in time a bit, shall we?

Recently, I got this question:

“Can you see the U.S. going back to a Victorian era with pre-arranged marriages?”

Never, not in a million years.

The cat is out of the bag, you know what I mean.

“Freedom” is the quintessential American right, and to take away the right for people to choose their life partner would be completely anti-American. Of course, you also have the feminist barrier to deal with this. Many a man who was in his late 20s might not mind being set up with a younger girl, if it meant a stable home and a place to raise his children.

But young American women?

Ripped away from the life of college dorm sex, frat parties, and copious amounts of recreational drugs?

How dare you take that from them.

You think the protests and marching in the streets about Trump is bad now, imagine what we’d see if we tried to revoke the right for girls to party like crazy in their early 20s and then find some sucker to take them after…

Barring any catastrophic societal collapse (which I wouldn’t rule out, to be honest), I can’t see the States returning to a Victorian marriage style.

The good news?

There’s still plenty of pickings abroad.

From Slavic beauties to fiery Latinas.

A Final Point About American Women…

And, occasionally, there are still some decent women out there in the Western world who probably wouldn’t mind getting hitched and having babies at a reasonable age. At the same time, you’re going to need to be realistic here. Expecting a girl to be a virgin at the age of 20 is basically completely unrealistic in today’s modern world.

Naturally, it’s easy to remember that if you read stuff on the internet about how all women are horrible, you’re naturally going to think that all women are horrible, are going to cheat on you, and going to make your life a walking, miserable hell until your dying day.

And I’m not saying to be a fool.

I’m simply saying that you are what you think.

Believe all of this at face value, and yeah, it’s going to seep into your brain and give you a bad outlook on life.

Don’t be a fool.

Educate yourself.

But don’t think that everything you read on the internet is gospel.

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