Last updated: September 13, 2017

The Girl With a Perfect Week



“Guess what? I did it!”

“What exactly?”

“I had my perfect week!”

“You mean…you slept with 7 guys…in 7 days?”

“Yeah, it was pretty tiring but I’m so proud of myself!”


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The above is a conversation I had with a fuck buddy of mine last year. While I structure my harems in a way that I’m not going to get jealous of something like that – at the same time, only one thing popped into my mind – “wow”.

I mean, let’s be frank – that’s pretty fucking gross.

And to be clear, I’ve had weeks like that. I’ve even written about them. But men and women are different.

Her dalliances didn’t stop me from climbing on top of her for a romp, but over the next couple of weeks I definitely felt a little…different every time I climbed aboard. To be clear, again – I wasn’t jealous. This girl knew I had other girls. I (obviously) knew she had other guys, but something just felt…weird.

I couldn’t help but think how many different dicks she had in her that week.

I should’ve ended things with her sooner, but it’s hard to complain too much about a sexy 18-year-old who came over whenever I pleased, and left within a half hour of me nutting on her. Those are the type of fuck buddy situations where I’m willing going to let a few things slide here and there.

However, the repeated bragging about her ever-rising notch count finally drove me to the point where I had to let her go, mostly because I was worried about diving into a bacterial farm that no condom would ever protect me from.

Which leads me to this phrase, coined by my friend and retired-blogger LaidNYC. He actually reached out to me a couple of months ago and said he was still following me along and to keep up the great work, so that was cool to hear. In any case, that quote was:


Girls will scoff at this, but it’s 100% true.girl with a perfect week 1000

I could have a perfect week with little-to-no-effort, but with buying girls dinner – not having sex with them. While I could have a perfect week like my former fuckbuddy did, it would take a hell of a lot more effort to do so than what she had to do. For the record, her way of “seducing” her lovers was to…

Swipe right, and then go straight to their house after a few messages.

Yeah, real tough.

Another good example I’ve used to explain these sexual dynamics to girls is this example:

“Okay, we’re in a bar right now. It’s full. Now…if you get up on the bar, and yell, “Hey, who wants to fuck me?”, you’ll have guys literally lining up to fuck you if the bouncers allow it. You’re a cute girl, you could take a dozen dicks literally in the next ten minutes if you wanted to.

Now, if I get up and do the same thing…I’m getting thrown out. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about this situation. They are going to toss me in a heartbeat, and no girl is going to have sex with me if I take that route.”


Which isn’t a shocker to guys in this corner of the Internet, but it’s like speaking Chamicuro to blue pilled men. You might as well be trying to explain nuclear physics to a toddler. They’ll just look at you with a blank look on their face claim that men and women are, in fact, the same.

While it’s easy to laugh and scoff at guys like this, this is the cultural brainwashing. The sad thing is, some guy will put a ring on that the girl with a perfect week in a few years, knock her up, and buy her the world if he has the means to do so. He’ll likely never even know that at 18 years old, when this girl was the hottest she’ll ever be in her life – she was being inseminated by half a dozen different (and sometimes new) guys a week. That his beautiful, blushing bride was the greater Los Angeles area’s personal cum receptacle. That her antics as a foolish child will destroy her ability to bond with him. That his children look like mutts because there’s semen of a hundred other guys holding court on her vaginal walls.

But that guy will hold on to the girl with a perfect week.

He will cherish her.

He will provide for her and the children, until death parts them.

And he’ll be “happy” with the girl with a perfect week.


You must learn to screen women properly. Failure to do so is failure to hold yourself to the highest standards possible. If you don’t screen a woman properly, you are doomed to never know the truth. You may live in a somewhat blissful, naive world, but something will always be gnawing at your gut. The only way to screen women properly is to do it from a place of abundance. When you have options, and will walk away if she is not worthy of you.

It’s the only way to survive.

Do you want to marry the girl with a perfect week?

Do you want to be the cuck, or the cad?

The choice is yours.

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  1. This post reminds me of my good friend’s ex who confessed to sleeping with 200+ guys by the time she was 25.

    A man gets respect for bedding women because it takes some skill and game. On the flipside, it takes nothing for a girl to rack up notches other than a complete suspension of standards. Not an appealing quality in a woman.

  2. 7 in 7 days, that’s gross. If I found out a girl I was seeing had done that, I’d definitely lose all feelings for her.

      1. That’s insane. My gf told me her number (Honestly, I’d rather not know. Kinda along the lines of I can infer but I’d prefer not to see exactly how the sausage was made). I’m actually inclined to believe it cause she was so nonchalant about it. It was more the -1 territory and even I thought it was too high and she’s 26. If she had that number at 18, holy crap, run.

        I’m 32, I know I’m not finding some 18 y/o Virgin church girl 1. Because I use (well used) tinder 2. I live in a fairly major metro area. But the thought that some of these gals can rack up 10-15 in a couple weeks does not give me high hopes for the future of society.

        My roommates ex was 27 and told him within a first 3 dates she’d slept with 17 guys (Let’s just say, I was not inclined to believe that was her actual number) Why do girls think broadcasting this information is a good idea? They’re literally clueless. If some chick told me that right before sex, even if just a fuck buddy, I’d probably be disgusted enough to just turn it away. Talking about how many dudes have plowed you is not foreplay…

        1. Wait, so what was your girls number (if you don’t mind sharing, totally understand if you don’t want to)?

          I said below that 10 cocks taken is -1 so I guess it’s in that range.

          I personally don’t care about it. If they throw some high number at me (I think one girl told me 77 once), I just make sure to wrap it up and clearly throw them in the FWB category. Doesn’t bug me if it’s something casual. I’m just careful, obviously.

          1. It’s in that range. I’ve banged some randoms where I’m sure the number was fairly high considering the amount of effort I didn’t have to put in so I don’t care per se but I mostly rather not know exacts. My number isn’t all that high either. I was in a relationship for a very long time*, got out, got right back into another rebound relationship and then banged 5 girls in 2 months when that one ended only to meet the gf. I seem pretty hardwired for monogamy. Plus, like I said on the condom post, I’d rather bang the same girl without a condom 5 times than 5 different girls with one and the psychological stress I get after banging randoms without a condom isn’t worth it. One of my tinder dates last year was in her 30s (looked good for her age) but I recently found out she got preggo a couple months after I almost banged her (bad logistics but dodged that bullet). She was in ‘trap a man’ mode and succeeded. Thank God it wasn’t with me.

            *I was a late bloomer who didn’t get laid till 21 and didn’t figure out game till I was 25 and I was in a relationship (that long one). My first ‘field test’ on new girls was basically at 31

          2. In some ways I prefer to know, because if I know she’s banged 50 dudes, but wants to make me wait 3 dates – well, fuck her. But at the same time, knowing what my dick is diving into is…well, gross – like you said.

            A lot of men are hardwired for it, but man I’ve found that once I developed the “power” to sleep around it’s nearly impossible for me to go back to it. Perhaps I’m the outlier.

          3. If I was your age, I’d muscle through my hardwired for monogamy thing too and do what you’re doing. I’m just at the point where I think I actually want kids.* The only time I’ve had to wait more than 2-3 dates were logistics issues or me just being a pussy and not escalating but I’m also not dating 18- 22 year olds so maybe the scene is different.

            *If I didn’t want children I’d probably eschew the whole monogamy thing at this point.

          4. I want kids someday too, I’ve come to realize. I think my honest plan though is to do the travel/adventure thing while building my businesses for at least a decade. Maybe around 35 I’ll start hunting for someone for a long-term deal. Ideally I’d like to get married sometime between 35-40 (kids shortly after), with a woman in the 20-24 age range.

          5. Marriage is definitely the best environment to have a chance at raising your children in a good home. Especially the further east you go (though I know you’re in Poland and you don’t seem to think that, but your country is very much at a crossroads it seems).

          6. That is right. But there is difference between marriage in legal sense and marriage as stable family unit. I want later but i could not carr less about former.

          7. Maybe not as bad as in usa, but yeah. It is bad. And young females… They are just creazy… At this rate this country is going to shit. Demographics are bad too. Child rate per woman is like 1.3 or 1.4 well below 2.1. And it is good indicator of not healthy society.

          8. Yeah, there are still some traditional girls left in Poland with good family values, from stable multi generation families which is waay better than nuclar family. Dated few of them, i know some. Hell my two sisters are like that. But the younger they are the more fucked up they are. There have divorced parents, no siblings and other shitty live situations

          9. Small villages and towns. But in bigger city there some too. It just harder to find them with all that sluts everywhere. And they are mostly shy, not party sluts.

          10. You will have to be careful. Many of those girls have brothers, father or other male relatives. And if they are anything like me, they can be protective. For example if i did found out that one of my sisters was fucked and left by some guy from usa, i would probably break some of his bones if i would be able to find him. And ofc have very serious conversation with my sister. Guys from bigger, multi generatinal, traditional families tend to be protective. And it is not like i am aggresive guy. It is just that i love my sisters so much.

  3. I can understand prositutes… I can understand gold diggers, but this shit… No… And to be honest maybe I dont wanna. Met few girls like that. I dont even know why they were telling me this shit? Was I suppose to be impressed? Sure as hell I was not.

    And this obssesion with sex in today world… It is… Awful. Yea, it is great, so is good steak and many other things. But fuck is most of society just bunch of lowly animals with nothing greater in them?

    I can understand a player, cos it is a hunt, and hunt requires skill, self devlopment. That is something that I can respect. But pure slut… Never.

    But even with players what i respect is not ability to bang girls. I could not care less. And why should I care? What i respect is wisdom that comes with it. Maybe not for all. But it is fucking useful. If not for it i would probably be married right now ibstead of doing whatever i want with more freedom than ever.

    1. “I can understand prositutes… I can understand gold diggers, but this shit… No… And to be honest maybe I dont wanna. Met few girls like that. I dont even know why they were telling me this shit? Was I suppose to be impressed? Sure as hell I was not.”

      Would you rather fuck a prostitute over a slut like the one I mentioned? Honest question…

      “But fuck is most of society just bunch of lowly animals with nothing greater in them?”

      At the end of the day, we’re really just animals who give in to our biological urges man.

      1. Honestly, yeah… High end prostitues tend to be cleaner, less risk. I did consider that as i could easily afford it.

        As for the animal part, yeah you are right, but there is also that spark of intelligence in humans and it is so much divine.

        I am atheist, but when I see elegant math, when i read philosphy… Well it is divine moment…

        And then i see some slut who fucked 7 guys in week and is proud of it.

        Do you get me?

          1. Humans are not divine, what we create can be. There is subtle difference between those two statements.

            As for prostitutes, I have this feeling like it would brake something.

      1. I did not use american dating sites, cos obviously such things are not popular here. So let me ask how do you compare them?

          1. That i get. I live at the western border if poland very near Berlin, so i see drastic difference in female quality.

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