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The Forbidden Fruit




The forbidden fruit.

What everyone wants, but cannot have.  Alas, only a select few are able to access the forbidden fruit.  Those who do access it are looked upon by those who cannot.

Some look up at them in admiration and respect.

But most look down on them with disgust, fury, and jealousy.

The thing is, once once is in the garden, it is unlocked.  Those who have access have unlimited amounts of fruit.  There is no limit opposed upon them, they are free to sin gluttony without repercussion.  Over time, eating more and more of the sweet, delicious fruit leads to an addiction of sorts…a hunger.

A hunger that cannot be tamed.

There are those who stand outside the garden.  They do not possess the key to enter.  Their attempts to scale the wall and access the fruit are in vain.  They are unwilling to accept that perhaps they are not worthy of the forbidden fruit.  They believe it is through no fault of their own.

They fail to realize the only way to gain entry in to the garden is to be broken down, battered, and nearly defeated while trying to get in.

The problem within the garden is that it is not soundproof.  Those who are inside feasting upon the delicious, sweet flavors of lemons, pears, and the rarest of all, the apples, are not immune to the jealousy of those who stand outside the garden.  They can hear the taunting, shaming, and overall rage coming from the grounds outside of their paradise.

“You are all fat sinners.”

“You are a disgrace to humanity.”

“You are selfish.”

At first, those inside the grounds eating the fruit simply laugh in the face of those stuck outside.  They think of themselves as better.  More advanced.  More deserving of the forbidden fruit.

“I have earned the right to sin freely.”

“It is easily accessible, for me – why wouldn’t I feast?”

“I am doing what I want.”

Eventually though, the insults coming from outside the gates begin to take their toll.  The ones enjoying the fruit may grow tired of eating so much.  They may think that perhaps they are indeed being selfish and gluttonous.  That perhaps it isn’t right for them to continue to enjoy so much of the sweet and tangy paradise.

Perhaps, one day, they run across a fruit that gives them a full feeling.  Perhaps it’s one delicious specific apple that gives a satisfaction that the rest have not.  For now, the hunger is perished.

Or, perhaps the hunger is pushed aside by the pressure outside of the gates.  As the crowd continues to build and protest in rage, perhaps those inside feel they should not continue sinning for selfish reasons.

One way or another, eventually, most walk out of the garden.  They hold one final delicious piece of fruit in their hand.

Is it possible for them to remain satisfied?

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  1. It sounds like you just described the Kingdom of Alpha in the socio-sexual hierarchy Universe.

    Most people leave the Garden because they cannot handle the role of the Citizen of the Forbidden Fruit Forest.

    Few stay because without them, the Forest would be lost to chaos.

    Just thinking aloud.

  2. My visits to the garden have been short but overwhelming in their bounty. Overwhelming to the point of meaningless gluttony. Perhaps the wall was too low or the gate not stout enough to build a real appetite. Or perhaps I am simply not a glutton. When one has tasted all shapes and varieties and is bathed in juice, the allure fades. Ultimately, I have found it more satisfying to savor the nectar of a favorite fruit, than to continually nibble at a new tree each afternoon.

    The first fruit that I took from the garden was fallen fruit near the gate. A lemon that quickly soured. The second fruit I took from the garden was a sweet delicious apple. Refreshing and sweet, but ‘lo it harbored a hidden worm. A worm which later devoured all that the apple was. I have now taken a third fruit from the garden. It reminds me of an heirloom pear. Not the prettiest or most impressive of fruit, but fully ripe and deliciously juicy.

    Will this last fruit wither outside of the garden? Time will tell. But as with the coming of every spring, hope springs eternal.

      1. Honestly, I should have held out for the pear in the first place, but I was a stranger to the garden at that time and did not know. The point I would make is this – grabbing a fruit from the garden and leaving is not the end. You can go back again. But the wise man visits the entire garden before making a choice.

  3. The special fruit will dry eventually 🙂 thats how it goes. unless you find some other not so special fruits to keep special fruit in set 😉

  4. Rose Perot said “Most people give up on the one yard line” — just a bit more effort and they would won. Think of all the effort/energy that gets dispersed and wasted.

    Just thought I’d throw out something random.

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