Last updated: September 13, 2017

The Euro Girl Who Hated Trump, but Has Never Worked



Setting: a bar in Poland. On a date with a girl I’d met earlier in the day.

The situation: she didn’t like my questions that I usually ask on a first date – namely about sex, love, and rock ‘n roll.

She said it was too personal.


But she wanted to talk about Donald J. Trump, instead. I typically try to steer clear of political topics on dates for multiple reasons, but this girl was as dull as a doorknob, so I took a stab at it.

Well, I told her how much I liked and respected Trump, and gave my reasons why.

Her rebuttal was, “But he’s so bad to women and he’s so MEAN!!!”

Of course, she likes Bernie Sanders.

Oh, before I forget – this girl is 26 and has never worked a day in her life. That’s the power of the European college system – it’s free. I don’t know the ins and outs of it (if you do, please share below), but from what I gather, any and all school is basically free for anyone as long as they have a way to foot their other costs of living bills. Which her parents do for her.

This carousel of degrees doesn’t just apply for a basic Bachelor’s program either, you can have a free Master’s degree and more, all on the house.

(Apparently they don’t teach Supply and Demand concepts in any of these classes.)

So, naturally she was a Bernie supporter. Bernie, who basically wants to give away the entire farm for free.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like aspects of the European economic setup. It’s nice that their citizens actually get some benefits from paying taxes (decent public transit in most cases, college, medical, etc.). Back when I had a “real job”, I paid some 35% of my paycheck to taxes, but didn’t get…well, anything out of it. Sure, I got to use the roads, but that was about it. And in Los Angeles, those roads were worthless. Two hours to go twenty miles worthless.

I didn’t have public transit. I didn’t get free college (though I know some people who did). My medical insurance was paid separately. And unless I can forge 40 years to my identity, Social Security will probably be gone by the time I get to a point where I can collect it.

But yeah, feel the Bern.

That date ended about fifteen minutes later.

On to the next.

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  1. Yeah, you are basically right. There are tons of girls like that.
    They just study worthless shit and they are almost worthless shit. And any worth they have is nice piece of ass if they have it.

    Some work for living during college times, those one are far more interesting. I don’t know what it is about work, but it makes people little bit less dumb.

    1. Yes, a staggering number of these girls have never worked, and I’m trying to screen them out.

      I think in this city there are 27 universities, most of which are public…

      I’m going to have to be more selective with girls I meet from here on out.

      1. How do you do it? I mean… you sure as hell met shitloads of crazy girls… And still you are able to continue with game.

        I mostly get bored too death after few weeks.

          1. Make sense, I have a habit of changing city every few years and what I can easily spot spikes of interest in girls just after moving in to new city. But then it just drop to my average, which is very low.

          2. Right now I’m in small town on western border of Poland.

            How long are you going to stay in Poland?
            I could probably manage to be in Kraków in middle of May.

  2. I like reading your little blog. I was born in Hungary, and I got used to the social system too, which has many downfall,realized when I got married with an American man. We met in Hungary. You should marry a Hungarian gal too.
    Good luck have fun in Europe 🙂
    Bye the way , we live in the Midwest , and we Love Trump. Me too as a European. 🙂

    1. Haha, I loved reading this comment. Thank you for the well wishes!

      I LOVED Budapest last year and it is on my list of potential long term places to settle.

      Perhaps one day you will read about me marrying a Hungarian girl!

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