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Life Isn’t Fair, Suck It Up (The Difference Between Men and Women)



The difference between men and women is this: at a young age, women have it a helluva lot easier.

It’s not fair.

But it’s life.

I’ve preached this before: an 18 year old man has nothing. A cute 18 year old girl has her choice of almost anyone. A hot 18 year old could marry a millionaire if she so wished.

The difference between men and women at that age is staggering.

Seriously, an 18 year old guy going off to college is a nobody. He can’t legally date (and have sex) with younger girls; i.e. the ones that want him. An 18 year-old-guy sure is hot to a 16-year-old girl – but there are no 16-year-old girls at college. More than likely, he’s never started lifted weights and so is either scrawny and weak or a fat slob. And – none of the 18-year-old girls at college want him. No, no, they want the 21-year-old boys who can buy them booze.

Tough life, isn’t it?

I never understood the difference between men and women – at least from a sexual standpoint. I witnessed the unfairness right before my eyes.

My sister had a boyfriend before me. I know she had her first kiss before me. I hope she didn’t lose her virginity before me – but seeing that I was such a late bloomer, it wouldn’t be totally shocking if she did.

And you know what, it used to bother the living shit out of me. I envied her. I hated myself. I always wondered what the hell was wrong with me. Why couldn’t I be loved, touched, appreciated?

I wasn’t much of a man.

I had to go through a journey. I had to tell myself to, “Suck it up, Cupcake”, and do something about it. Because that is the beauty of being a man. The fact that the struggle is real. The struggle builds who you are. To not struggle is to not bleed.

To not bleed is to not grow.

That, my friends, is the difference between men and women.

Men are meant to have these hardships and face a higher uphill battle because we can handle it. Women shut down far quicker when it comes to stressful situations. As men, you must handle these obstacles and smash them like the nuisances they are.

Eventually, if you keep kicking ass, the tides change.

All of my 30+ friends continuously preach to me that life gets really good – provided you have your shit together. On the contrary, a woman at 30 quite literally has the least value that she has ever had in her life.

So life isn’t fair, but there’s a reason behind it if you look a little deeper. It’s okay to bitch a little bit that life isn’t fair, to complain that you feel you’ve been kicked and let down. But don’t let it rule your life. Let it go, accept it, and then worry about being the best man you can.

If you do, things will work out like they did for me.

Now, being a man is great.

I’ve got my prime years ahead of me.

I have a physique to be proud of.

I can have any girls I want.

I’m free.

And lastly, I’m about to depart on another epic adventure.

Life turned out pretty fair, if you ask me.

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  1. This one thing I love about being man. Although it takes us longer to mature, when we do, we are so much more. Sad thing modern world is all about men not reaching mature stage.

    There was reason why in ancient times man was considered mature at 30 and woman at 16-18.

      1. Well, woman can be good. Some woman can be even great. No point arguing that. But it’s men that build civilization and culture. Most of the wonders of ancient and modern world were made by men. And it’s no point arguing that.

        It’s just simple fact, that men then to grow more on average. That doesn’t mean ofc that woman are prohibited from growing or anything like that.

        1. Ahh – no I wasn’t trying to argue it at all. I strongly agree – the question is, how do you phrase it to women (and men) in a way that isn’t so politically incorrect that they’ll listen.

          Because if you go and tell a modern woman this, she’ll flip the fuck out.

          It becomes a balance of trying to get your point across without “triggering” her, which I don’t personally care about but it does make it difficult to have a discussion.

          That is a large problem with much of society today, I think – both men and women get upset over the realities of the situation, and are so blinded by anger from a comment like mine or yours, that they just ignore the truth.


          1. There was time were I did care about that, but experience shows me that being blunt and honest is better. That doesn’t mean ofc that I’m rude. It’s just that some ppl are cable of honest intellectual discussion and some are not. I grow when I have conversations with former and tend to avoid later.

            So I prefer to be honest and not politically correct, so when some gets upset I know it’s later kind of person and conversations stops there.

            With exception to work environment, there I prefer to not talk at all about stuff like that. Better safe than be fired by some corporate sjw.

          2. Good reply. And totally fair. Sometimes it’s not worth the breathe; hell, often it isn’t.

            Better to just screen the women and men for the ones you like (and would likely have similar beliefs) than to deal with trying to “sell” to the ignorant.

            Perhaps I just like a good argument at times, heh.

          3. It’s not that I don’t like good argument. I like it every much. There is nothing better than good conversation, but it’s like dance, it takes two good dancers.

            It’s not that someone has to have similar beliefs to me. Not at all. It just takes honest person that wants to have intellectual conversation.

            One of the hardest thing I had to learn in my life is too admit that I was wrong. It still is very hard at times.

          4. Of course, but there aren’t a lot of good dancers these days. Too much consumption, not even reading, too much celebrity/culture worship.

            The ego is a fragile thing, that’s for sure! I have the same problem. But it’s…uh, pretty rare that I’m wrong 😉

          5. Yea, that is true. Especially the reading part. Lately I have been reading some “the treatise on chief good and evil” by Cicero and it’s just outstanding how changeling lecture that was. And how much his words hold true to this day, despite the fact that he is dead for more than 2000 years now.

            Yea, I know that. Many intelligent ppl are “always right”.

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