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The Diamond:Rough Ratio



@LaidNYC lets make a guesstimate. How girls are LTR worthy? My experience would say maybe 2 of every 50.

— Trouble Maker (@TruthfulTrouble) March 5, 2014

Now it’s time for the readers input.  Let’s answer the following questions:

  • Out of 10 girls, how many are worth actually seeing again after the first bang?
  • Out of 10 girls, how many of them end of worthy of being in a harem?  For simplicity’s sake, we’ll consider a harem member a girl you see once a week, primarily for sex.  There can be the occasional “real date”.
  • Out of 50 girls, how many of them are worthy of being in a long-term relationship?  We’ll consider this to be monogamous, in which you see each other 3+ times a week, and are at a point where families have been introduced to the other partner.
  • Out of 100 girls, how many of them are worthy of marriage?

I understand that these numbers are high, but quite frankly, if you’ve only been out with 10-25 girls, you’re unqualified to answer most of these.

I think you need at least 50 dates under your belt to get an accurate feel for these.  For example, if you’ve been out with 10 girls and ended up in two LTRs, your sampling is biased.  You are free to comment but you may be mocked.

So, my fellow troublemakers – how bad is it?

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  1. 3 LTRs out of around 50-60 girls I’ve done the dating thing with.

    Only 1 I would have considered for marriage.

    As far as the other questions…personally if all she is good for is a bang and has an acidic personality, I wouldn’t want to see them again anyway.

  2. I’ve only bothered with about half the girls I’ve known post bang so I’d say 50% are worth seeing again
    If I see you again I’m gonna try to bang you again and bang you consistently. If I just wanted to fuck just to fuck I would dip after first bang
    2 of the girls I’ve ever known wereLTR worthy. One was a Virgin when I met her who used to be bulemic, the other I’m currently dating. I know one other girl who comes close who was also a Virgin, but she was very manipulative (she also would hold her virginity over me). Idk how many girls I’ve been with so I’ll just guess and say 4-5/50 are ltr worthy, but you’ll never find an LTR girl when you’re at a bar/club/going out in general

      1. Two I met because they knew my ex (ironically both times my ex hated them). One I met because she was two doors down in my dorm.

  3. Assuming a rigorous but fair standard for virtue and beauty… man tough question. How many girls are young, thin, at least cute, and have taken less than 5 cocks in modern America?

    I’ll admit I don’t have a percentage and can’t even venture a guess, but it almost certainly varies largely by region, the closer you get to a major city the worse the picture looks.

    Perhaps the worst outlook is that cute girls seem to be more likely to turn to sluttery, thus ruining them. So girls that could qualify as marriage partners based on age and sexual history are more often the plainer, uglier, or chubby girls. Sucks.

    1. How many girls are young, thin, at least cute, and have taken less than 5 cocks in modern America?

      That number is probably more like 1 in 100, once again based off experience.

      Agreed about the major city part. The problem is that the men of the Manosphere are naturally going to congregate in the main cities, where the numbers are best. So to an extent, maybe I shouldn’t disqualify those who have only been on 10 dates in their life. If you’re from a small town, and 2 of those 10 are LTR worthy, then that might be completely realistic in that part of America.

      But, it also depends what we classify as small town. I’m from a town of 70,000 people, which I would consider small compared to where I live now – which has 1.5 million+.

  4. Eh, it’s not really much better in small towns. I live in a politically conservative towm of ~65000 surrounded by mountains and farmlands, and most of the girls are either ugly, drunks, whores, or some combination of the three. From what I’ve experienced, I’d say no more than 1 in 100 for an LTR. I dont even think getting away from cities will necessarily help as long as girls have access to media that normalizes sluttery and glorifies the party lifestyle. At this point, I think it’s just American culture as a whole that’s the problem.

  5. Seeing how i’m going to stop counting at 50 i’ll lay it out here. But when I started learning game my count was 1 so i figured I may as well keep count since a lot of natural players literally don’t know how many they did.

    total bangs: 49.

    ONS: 17

    Repeats: 32

    Worthy of seeing again: Of the 17 ONS I wanted to see 8 of them again. Sex gets better the more often you have it with a woman so why do all the work to get her to like you only to pump and dump her. silly. Mostly they wouldn’t see me again because while they were able to get caught up in the night with me, i always told everyone I will not be monogamous. They knew I would not commit to them. They knew what they wanted and it was a BF so they pumped and dumped me basically.

    Of the 49, I would say 10 were worthy of a LTR if i were looking for it.

    Marriage: only 2 i’ve met I’d consider for marriage if I were so inclined. My first because we were virgins, first love all that. tiny blonde with an ass and tiny perky tits.

    the other because of what I put here through and how she responded.

    so for me it’s 2 out of 49.

    And that’s just using girls i’ve banged. I don’t even remember the girls I went out with were we didn’t bump uglies.

    hope that sheds some light on it. Feel free to ask any questions.

  6. I’ve a student pf game for nearly 12 years.
    My count is some where near the high 200’s.
    Of those girls i’d say about 7 were full on LTR/wife material.
    One common thread was the extremely low N count. all 7 were below 5 when i met them. They all rejected the party get shit faced and hook up with random dude lifestyle.

    All of them maintained a low social media profile. Facebook was for friends and family. No instagram account. If they had twitter it didn’t show their face in the avi.

    They routinely corrected guys who thought she was dtf and wanted to cheat on her bf.

  7. 5 out of 10 worth seeing again after bang. I’ve honestly only had a few I wouldn’t hang with after.

    2ish out of 10 are worthy harem tramps.

    1 out of 50 for LTR. and that may be stretching it.

    less than 1 out of 100 is worthy for marriage.

    1. This might be cocky of me, but I’m beginning to think that it doesn’t matter where you fish.

      Everyone of them has a filthy slut inside of them just waiting to be brought out by the right guy.

  8. Of girls I’ve been with, I’d say there are maybe 1-3 I’d consider marriage material. One in particular, but I was in a two year relationship with her. The rest… it was fun while it lasted.

    That said, life partner is a lot of things… When I say 1-3 were marriage material, I mean we could grow happy together. However, as I grow, my needs change, and I think I could do better. The curse of self-improvement is the lonely leader.

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