Last updated: September 13, 2017

The Best Investment I Ever Made For My Sex Life



The best investment I ever made for my sex life…

Was this.

An under the bed, home restraint system that I use to tie my girls up and dominate them until I own their God damn soul.

under the bed restraint

Sometimes it even happens on a first date (yeah, girls are far dirtier and darker than they want you to imagine).For example, girls say shit like this to me:

my sex life
My sex life – aspire to do this.

There’s a reason girls like being tied up in my bedroom and fucked senseless.

Modern America deprives them of any healthy masculinity. With careers, commutes, carbs, and cucks – the majority of men in America are simply women with penises. Very few men in America have the balls to talk to a woman. Even fewer have the balls to put her in her place. Even fewer have the balls to fuck them properly – the heats of passion; unlocking a girl’s inner bad girl and femininity with just sheer masculine aura.

It’s a powerful thing, and once you learn how to do it, and can replicate it into a formula – well, guess what my friend. You are now one of the most desired men in America because the bar is set so ridiculously low.

No, you don’t have to have Mark Zuckerberg money.

You don’t have to have Brad Pitt looks.

You don’t have to be built like Zeus.

Sure, you should aspire for all of those things and be the best man you can be – absolutely.

But just having a pair of balls will get you pretty far in life too. And seriously, this is something that doesn’t take a huge sack anyways. Realistically, if you’re going to bang a girl for the first time, you want to make it as easy as possible for yourself. So no, trying to tie her up is just adding one more variable into the LMR game.

But I guarantee after you’ve banged her just once – she’ll be down to get tied up and fucked good.

She craves it.

Needs it.

Needs a healthy, masculine man.

Who are you to deny a pretty lady what she wants?

It’ll be the best $15 you’ll ever invest in your sex life.

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  1. “You are now one of the most desired men in America because the bar is set so ridiculously low.” It really doesn’t take much to stand out. Remember seeing these things for like 70$ at a store, 15 on Amazon will be getting these, looks like fun haha.

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