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The Best Condoms to Fuck Harder, Longer, & Get Her Hooked on You



Let’s get this out of the way first: the best condoms to use for sex is going to be different for every guy.

Take me for example, I need size XXXXXS condoms in order to be able to get a snug fit. It sucks, but that’s why I learned game 😉

Condoms are not fun but are also (somewhat) necessary. I am usually pretty good at not sticking my raw dick in everyone and everything – but I’m also a big advocate of fucking a girl properly in order to get her hooked on you. Frankly, the best way to do this is to just raw dog her, as I explained here – but if you must use a condom, you want to use the best condoms.

First impressions are everything to make a girl come back to you for a second time, and good, consistent, animalistic fucking will keep her hooked on you. Once she reaches a certain point with that, she’s yours to do with as you please. You can make her your girlfriend and bang other girls, you can make her bring you food when you want a late-night hookup, or send them off to be your errand girls.

The choice is yours.

But it starts with fucking right, and often times (at least for the first rodeo) that also involves using the best condom you can find.

Slipping on some shitty, Planned Parenthood provided piece of latex while fucking a girl for the first time is the equivalent to lacing up for an NBA game in flip flops. Sure, raw (no pun intended) talent will get you somewhere, but there is no point in handicapping yourself.

Bring your A game and I promise that you’ll have more girls than you know what to do with.

Characteristics of the Best Condoms

There are four qualities that will determine what the best condom for you is, overall. As with anything in life, there are sacrifices you have to make at all turns.

The Best Condoms Characteristic #1: Fit

This is completely subjective, and the only way to find what’s really good for you is to deploy the trial and error methods. The best way to do this isn’t on new girls, but rather than on girls that you’ve already been having sex with and are familiar with you. Get a pack of variety condoms from a major brand and just see what you like best. You can then take the general observations from the big brands and use them as a baseline to branch into the smaller brands of the best condoms.

Characteristic #2: “Type”; i.e. your pleasure, her pleasure, sensations, etc.

I am a firm believer that sometimes the simple things in life are the best. Condoms are no exception to this rule for me. I don’t want to be bothered with three different sensations, five different types of ribbing to pleasure her vagina, or any of the other marketing gimmick that condom brands use to push product these days.

I want to slide it on my dick, not have it fall off, and not have it break – while of course, not impacting pleasure too much.

But, some people like the gimmick stuff – so figure out what works best for you.

Characteristic #3: Availability of Your Preferred Condoms

Every player should always be prepared for sex – any time and any place. I’ve had sex in some weird places at oddball times, so keep one in your blazer pocket, wallet, car, etc. Anywhere you can stash them, do it.

But then there’s times like what happened to my buddy Christian McQueen in this hilarious story.

If you get a situation like he was in, and have to run to the store to buy condoms – you don’t want to be sitting there analyzing which of the best condoms you should buy. Therefore, I generally prefer the highest quality of the bigger box brands – ones that I know I can find anywhere and anytime. I have a large stock of “second-tier” brand condoms that are my favorite, but I know my go-to condoms if I’m at a pharmacy at 3am and need something ASAP.

Characteristic #4: Portability 

Sounds silly, but some condoms come in huge packaging that make them hardly feasible to subtly disguise in your wallet or pocket. For nights out, I prefer the ones with smaller packaging.

The Best Condoms for Me (You?)

Take these with a grain of salt – try them out on your own before you order a huge batch of them. Here are the three best condoms I have found in my life.

(Note: I usually buy my condoms online from Undercover Condoms, and have an affiliate deal with them. I get a small commission on anything you purchase through the below links, no additional cost to you. I’m also working on getting exclusive coupon codes for readers of this blog, but in the meantime you can find additional discounts here.)

#1: Crown Skin Less Condoms

These things are hands-down the best condoms I’ve ever used. They’re extremely thin, but I’ve never had one actually break on me. They’re by far the closest thing to condom-less sex without a condom that I’ve ever had. In addition, they hold up the best out of anything I’ve tried in regards to hard, animalistic sex.

As a bonus, they actually come in a bit of a pink tint that blends into your skin, so it looks less noticeable than most condoms.

Two potential downsides: if you’re a guy who tends to blow your load fast, I’d stay away from the Crown Skin Less Condoms until you’ve got your stamina up a bit. They’re well-regarded as being quite sensitive, so if premature ejaculation is something you have an issue with, work your way up to these.

Secondly, they’re Japanese condoms and if you’re real hung in that area (I’m average) you might struggle with them, I do at times to get them on right. I deal with it though.

Click here to buy Crown Condoms – I like the ones in the blue packaging. In my opinion, these are the best condoms you can buy.

#2: Trojan Ecstasythe best condoms trojan

These things are how a condom should fit. They’re snug as hell on the base, but then much, much loser on the top (image of how it works to the right). There is absolutely no feeling of  having a “choking dick” with them. It’s why they’re one of the best condoms on the market, and my go-to if I’m at the pharmacy and there are no Crown condoms available (usually there aren’t).

The downside to these is that the packaging is gigantic. They’re hard to fit in a wallet, and even feel bulky in a jean back pocket. For this reason, I tend to keep a reserve of these in my nightstand (along with the Crowns above) as opposed to bringing them out.

Buy Trojan Ectasy condoms here, an image of the ones I prefer are below (there is a “Her Pleasure” version with purple wrapping).


#3: Thin Condoms

Thin condoms are what I like if I’m in a pinch. Anything thin will do if it comes down to it, but generally speaking I’ve always got the option of my first two choices – whether it be in my massive stock of Crown condoms at home or buying Trojans in small packs at the grocery store.

If you put a gun to my head I’d pick the Durex thin condoms over over thin condoms of brands like Trojan or Lifestyle. I would undoubtedly recommend them over other brands in the thin department, but they’re not anywhere near the level of the first two options.

* Durex keeps changing their product line around (they have horrible branding), so this recommendation applies to the Extra Sensitive and Extra/Ultra Thin lines.

Buy them here.

The Best Condoms – Bottom Line

One size does not fit all.

Try different condoms out with a variety pack and see what you like best. Leave a comment below with your favorite condom or past good/bad experiences with different brands!

Or, just say fuck it.

Go raw.

If you don’t want a lot of hotties in your bed to use these condoms with, don’t click this.

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    1. Always fun. “This feels better than normal… Oh shit”

      Condoms are the worst but STD Russian roulette doesn’t sound like a fun game either (I’ve played it a few times. Undefeated so far)

        1. Yeah, they’re probably overblown (I’ve read that piece before). It’s pretty hard to get std’s as a straight guy but I’d rather not tempt fate and get herpes. I’d also rather not use a condom and based on the randoms before I got the gf, that seemed to win the majority of the time.

          I was honestly more worried about knocking up some gal up who I blindly trusted was taking her bc responsibly. Pretty stupid, but, condoms suck.

          1. I think the pullout method is more effective than people give it credit for, provided it’s done properly. Some dudes don’t know how to control it, so they pull out but still put the first blast inside her. She’s already all wet and sloppy, so she can’t tell what’s inside her from just one blast.

            He thinks he pulls out in time, she thinks it’s her own fluid dripping out of her, and nine months later…

          2. I’ve been doing it for a few months with the GF who isn’t on BC and no pregnancy yet but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t worry me at times. I’ve also had friends who did it for years and never knocked anyone up so you’re probably on to something. Just pull out in time.

          3. I mean, it’s definitely a risk. But new studies show there’s no sperm in precum, so as long as you get NONE in there…most guys I know have been okay.

            Add in the fact that if she’s not ovulating it’s hard to do anyway – and it’s relatively effective.

            *When used properly*

            Like I said I think most of the pullout failures are from teenage boys who don’t know how to control their nut yet, ha.

          1. I highly doubt they all were. Pull out worked well enough it seems.

            Are there laws that enforce child support across borders now? I know there are in some countries, doesn’t seem likely that it’s any of the SA countries.

    2. Which ones were you using?

      Plan B pill is pretty damn effective if you take it quickly, and if you didn’t actually nut in here…there’s really not much to worry about! You’ll be fine.

      I did have a scare back in December though (with a girl I raw dogged), so I feel your pain man. Hang in there!

      1. The Trojans believe it or not. Ya she got plan b pronto, and it was only 2 days after her period, so I’m not too concerned.

        Ahhh… the player lifestyle.

  1. My favorite condom by far is the Durex Excite Me & Real Feeling (latex free). I started using these a couple years ago and I’ve never turned back. If you haven’t tried these out yet, I highly recommend giving them a shot.

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