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The Art of the Deal Review: 7 Things I Learned



In the midst of my nightmare trip of getting to Croatia, I read Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal. I’d been meaning to for a while, but…well, didn’t. I’m glad I did, and happy to write this The Art of the Deal review encouraging the rest of you guys to check it out.

I got through the whole book in about three hours, give or take. I’d definitely say it’s one of those books that you want to get through quickly (it’s intriguing), but you’ll want to go back through it and take notes to really take some value from it.



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Trump obviously don’t need to make another penny to his name. He didn’t need to run and become President of the United States. He just has this need to keep accomplishing stuff. It’s his fuel, he enjoys it.

In a way, I’ve seen this on a smaller scale. I mean, I only need $1,200 a month to live in a place like Ukraine. However, I’m not satisfied with that. I want a little web empire, with a network of sites all bringing in money. My goal by the end of this year is $5,000 a month.

But I guarantee I won’t be happy with that when it comes either.

Just Take Action


Spreading your assets across everything is vital to a healthy empire. It would be stupid of me to continue to put all of my time into This Is Trouble. Sure, at the start of last year it needed a major kick in the ass. So I posted every day (still do), gave it a design overhaul, and generally made it great.

But I started up Ukraine Living, Troublesome Solutions, and other ventures as other small streams that could do well. Who knows what could happen with Trouble someday. People could suddenly just lose interest in meeting beautiful girls and breaking free of the mundane office life.

However, it’s unlikely.

Evergreen topics: health, wealth, relationships—you just have to be unique enough to actually draw people in to those topics. They’re over-saturated.


In The Art of the Deal, Trump talks often about how much easier things got for him over time.

Getting the funding for the first hotel he wanted to take over was misery for him.

In later years he couldn’t run away from the banks fast enough. Everyone wanted to back him and be a part of it.

The point is, your name and brand is everything. It makes me glad that I fortunately picked a good domain name from the start. You’ll also notice that I’ve continued to pick easy to remember and pronounce names across all my names and products.


Just reading the first chapter of The Art of the Deal made my head hurt. The man was taking hundreds of phone calls and making dozens of decisions every day. Decisions that could impact a lot of people and cost (or make) quite a bit of money.

Yet, never did there seem to be much hesitation.

Throughout my dating life with girls, I’ve learned that being decisive, masculine, and dominant is what makes them so drawn to you.

Making a bad decision with decisiveness is always better than making a good decision with indecisiveness—when it comes to women.

With business, you have time to sit back and think about things more. But that doesn’t change the overall premise of #4—the men who are at the top of the food chain are decisive.


This is a lesson I’ve learned the hard way, even recently. You should always go with your gut when it comes to business, friends, and relationships. Hell, even when writing this The Art of the Deal review, I went with my gut. I was going to go through it and make notes. Instead, I sat down and just started writing what came out.

It will really help with being decisive.

Rarely is your gut wrong. People often don’t change. The person who lets you down once will let you down three more times. The girl who goes crazy once will do so until her last breathe. A bad business move will take you down the rabbit hole.

Even if it ends up making money, the time and energy that was poured into it will often have made you more if you’d invested it elsewhere.

Don’t be afraid to pivot away from shitty opportunities and start anew.


In nearly every hotel he renovated, took over, etc.—Trump always made the hotel into a sex machine. Not in the literal sense. I mean that he made it look as good as he possibly could.

I’ve had so many people tell me that my niche sites look better than 99% of “main” blogs. It’s the truth, because I have a design background and believe in the fact that the details matter.

Men respect another man who has a stunner on his arm, not a fattie.

Everyone wants to stay in a nice looking hotel, not a dump.

People are more likely to stay on a nice, clean, beautiful website that’s easy to navigate.

Humans are visual creatures who like to look at pretty things. Failure to notice this in your business and personal life will result in lose revenue if you don’t get it together.


The biggest thing that stands out to me from this book was that there just was no hesitation. Always moving forward, making progress, making deals. It’s better to just get your ass into action than anything else.

Do that and the small things take care of themselves.

I’ll use this post as an example—it’s been sitting in my drafts for nearly a week. All I had was the title. I finally said, “Screw it, I’m just going to start and I’m not getting up until it’s done.”

Now I’m at 1,000 words and it’s time to wrap this up: read The Art of the Deal. You won’t regret it.

You can get instant access to The Art of the Deal here.

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