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The Alpha Playboy Part II by Christian McQueen



Christian McQueen does it again in his second install of The Alpha Playboy series, cramming more information about women into 100 pages of an eBook than most men will ever understand in 100 years on Earth.  Except this time, instead of strip clubs and nightclubs, McQueen takes a more – shall we say, sober – approach to part 2 of The Alpha Playboy series.

The premise of this book is relationship game and day game.  McQueen starts off the relationship game segment by essentially stating that you get into a relationship – that is, unless you screen properly.  Of course, screening properly, to ensure you are not infatuated with a singular girl simply because she possesses a vagina, basically means that you need to bang a lot of girls.  And frankly, if you need to learn to do that, McQueen has the products on the market to teach you how to do that.  I don’t know if that was how he originally intended his book lineup to fall, but it works nicely.

Without going into too much detail, Christian lays down a timeline that is very realistic as to how a healthy relationship should progress, and I can firmly attest to it, because it is nearly a parallel to how my relationship with Holly evolved.

I think Chapter 13 is brilliant though, and I will employ this tactic down the road.  This chapter is the ultimate test for any girl you are considering marrying or having a family with.  I’ll show this quick excerpt to sum it up:

A friend of mine decided to get married. He had been with the girl for over two years and
from what I knew of the relationship I gave him my blessing, but not before a couple of
different tactical moves we initiated…

…Secondly, I suggested that I make a move on her (with his knowledge), since she had never
seen a picture of me and never had met me, to see what she acted like away from him.
He was fine with that too.


I think my only beef with the book is the length of content of the daygame section – at only a little more than 20 pages, it is an extremely limited scope on the potential of daygame.  It’s not that the content is actually bad, it just doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the level of depth daygame goes into.  It just touches on direct/indirect, a daygaming mindset, and some openers.  When guys like Krauser are putting out novels with 150k words on the topic, it is hard to compete.  In comparison, Christian’s nightclub and strip club bible games go so in depth, that perhaps I felt this was just lacking in comparison to those.

However, if you want to learn how to screen for a decent girl, set properly boundaries, and keep her attracted whilst not becoming totally infatuated yourself, I can’t recommend The Alpha Playboy Part II highly enough.

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