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The 28 Year Old, Completely Pure, Eastern European Girl

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I received the following question from a reader…

“I have a question about a women from EE and since you have the experience I figure I get your input. So I met a girl on tinder gold I’m in the states and she is in Ukraine. We’ve been talking on and off for a month and she just dropped a bomb on me that she is a virgin. 28 year old virgin.

Now I’m automatically skeptical because I know female nature but don’t have much experience with EE women. She has told me most guys who come to Ukraine only come for fun and after 1 or 2 dates she doesn’t see them because she refuses sex with them.

Now my question is could this girl just be running game or is it possible I actually found a unicorn. I wouldn’t go to Ukraine just for her but I have been wanting To for one time. Do some girls in EE really wait for a good guy?

Also if this girl really is a virgin how should I go about this long game and long distance until I see her. I play it cool, she’s chasing and I’m non needy. I don’t want to make false promises to her but I would like to take her virginity if she really is a virgin.

Usually I can close to sex in one date usually no more then 2. 3 dates is normally my cut off. What’s your take on all this man?

She has stated that most guys try to rush to sex and when they do other stuff they get horny but she refuses to have sex and they get mad, then think she’s weird the next day. Gotta admit this is new territory for me. She’s not religious but says she hasn’t met a “good guy” yet sounds like wants to fall in love.

What ya think?”

My answer is over at Ukraine Living. You can click here to read it.

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  1. She doesnt want… You smell bad. A high partner count is nasty. By 2 dates you need sex? Just use your hand? Youre spoiled and unattractive. You sound like an ape. In person id beat you to death. Youre a loser. She needs a handsome virgin. A young guy that is mature for his age. Nerdy or thoughtful but not ugly. Sorry theure not loudor popular but theyll get shot in the head if they talk openly.
    True love/compatability is being with someone who is similar to yourself. Opposites never work or attract. People do not need extreme individualism. Collectivism societies keep smart women happy. Obviously you dont care about deep/normal women. Women that have sex casually and call themselves sex positive…are mental cases. Theyre not normal. Know your place in life. No where near a virgin.

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