Last updated: August 29, 2019

The 1 Step To Not Be Retarded With Women



Reader David, freshly off a recent trip to Ukraine, wrote in response to my recent email (read it here) about “Caesar” from the “90 Day Fiance” show…

That is quite funny.

Is it possible that message was actually from Caesar?

After all, maybe he has spent all on his money on a fictional girlfriend, and never bothered to travel to meet her.

You missed a really key point though, which surprised me. No relationship exists until you meet in person, and NEVER send money until you do so. The first meeting should also be to go see her on her turf.

Ukrainian women expect the man to lead, and the best way to show you are “the man” is to get on a plane and go see them.

Not only will it qualify the woman, but it is LIFE CHANGING!

There I said it again.

If he can’t afford $100 what they hell is he thinking about trying to date a woman overseas. Does he have any idea how much money it will cost?

You know what they say, love knows no bounds (or limits on a credit card, apparently…)

Hence why it’s so important to figure yourself out, on some level, so you don’t go and do retarded, retarded shit like Caesar does…

He has been dating his Ukrainian “girlfriend”


Every time he plans a trip she has a “birthday” to attend to, or any other ridiculous excuses. Five years, still hasn’t learned…some people never will. That’s just life, me thinks. And really, it’s so simple…

Because I guarantee he has never video chatted with her.

Look, I get it.

I’m someone who doesn’t really believe in “agencies” to date foreign girls, but I also recognize there are a lot of older men who have been burned in America, and may not have a year or two to learn “game” in order to have some options abroad. But, you’re going to shoot yourself in the foot if you don’t build yourself at least some sort of backbone.

i.e. If you’re “dating a girl online” that you absolutely insist on video chatting so that you can prove that she is, in fact, a female, and not a big burly Russian man named Igor working out of his mom’s basement.

This is such common sense, and it’s sad that many a Western man has been burned by this simply because he refused to press the “video” button on a WhatsApp call…

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