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Thai Women: The Easiest Sex in the World (Updated – 2020)

Dating Abroad


This is a guest post by my friend “El Conquistador” about Thai women. He’s spent significant time around the globe and Thai girls are one of his highest recommendations. I took my own trip to Thailand in 2020, and have added my own thoughts in red below.

On all my travels around the world over the past decade, Thai women nudge ahead of Mexicans as the friendliest and most generous girls I’ve met.

This (among other reasons) is why I tell single guys heading to Asia for the first time to start in the land of smiles.

Just as I recommended Peruvian women as the optimal starting point for any international playboy aiming to crack the code of Latina girls, Thailand women are a similarly easy intro to dating Asian women.

The Philippines are also a pretty good in this regard but Thailand has better infrastructure and is more tourist/expat friendly.

And the girls are just as easyclick here to see what I mean.

Thai Women vs. Latinas

Because I was all about the tits and ass, most of my travels have been through Latin America. But one visit to Thailand and having a Thai girlfriend for 6 months gave me a shot of yellow fever that I’m still infected with.

If I had to compare Thailand with any country in Latin America, I would say:

Thailand is the Dominican Republic of Asia.

If you haven’t been to either and don’t understand the following comparison, bear with me.

Here’s what the DR and Thailand have in common:

  • Pattaya is Sosua but on a different continent. 90% of girls in both towns are prostitutes and both places are ground zero for pathetic sex tourists
  • These sexpats ruin the local dating market for everybody else inflating the local girl’s egos (and prices)
  • Gold digging whores are the rule, not the exception—in both countries
  • There are only two nationalities in both countries: local and foreign. It doesn’t matter if you are Norwegian, Russian or American—you are simply foreign
  • Tropical weather in both countries mean girls love to show plenty of skin
  • Through night game and online game in both countries, you will encounter some of the trashiest, most conniving women you will ever meet. You main challenge in both countries will be to sift through a lot of trash to get to the good girls
  • In most western countries, the distinction between pro and “normal” girl is black and white.
    • In both the DR and Thailand, you’ll notice a huge grey area with many girls who don’t consider themselves hardcore prostitutes but who sleep with men and ask for money on a part-time basis

Having said all that, there are some differences:

  • Thai women are slightly easier than Dominican women
  • Thai food is much better than Dominican food
  • I’m not into shoring but I would say it’s easier to shore in Thailand than in the DR
  • The one huge difference between Thailand and the DR (and other countries in Latin America) is the level of competition; Thai guys have zero game and are pushovers

But that’s enough about Thai dudes, let’s talk about Thai women.

What Thai Girls Are Like

Physical Traits

Cute faces and small, thin frames are the norm—nirvana for guys escaping the obesity epidemic in the west. However, svelte does have a downside. If you are a tits and ass man, Thai women (and Asian girls in general, apart from Indonesian) are not for you.

In terms of complexion, Thai people are slightly darker than Japanese, Chinese and Korean, for example. This is a good thing for caucasian guys because Thai girls worship white skin.

You will still get laid with Thai women if you are a darker-skinned guys who is in shape and well dressed—but you might get bitter seeing pigeon-chested, pale dorks get treated like Thor while you get ignored.


Thai girls oscillate between the extremes of the female psyche.

They are either any man’s dream girl:

  • Sweet
  • Caring
  • Attentive (lots of western men marry Thai girls and it’s not only for the reasons you would assume)

Thai women can also be:

  • Machiavellian
  • Disloyal
  • Psychotic

Speaking in Tongues

The question guys always want answered is: Will I get cock-blocked by the language barrier?

In a word, no.

Thai girls know enough English to be able to date you a few times but not enough to make a real connection over a longer relationship.

You’re thinking of learning Thai? It’s a steep learning curve (more tones than Mandarin) and not really worth it unless you plan to live there long term.

However, learn a few words and you’ll differentiate yourself from the hordes of cargo-short wearing backpackers. Being able to butcher a few phrases will make the local girls squeal with delight and it will make a huge difference to your day game efforts.

Diamonds In The Sky

Despite evidence to the contrary in Soi Cowboy, not all Thai girls are pros and gold diggers – there are around 30 million of them after all.

Granted it is hard to bang a “good” Thai girl if you are there on vacation but not unheard of. Thai women are promiscuous (compared to Vietnamese women, who are more conservative) and it shouldn’t take more than 2 dates before you are balls deep in tight Asian pussy.

Where to Go to Meet Thai Women

Here is my summary of the cities and areas of Thailand that I have visited:


Hedonistic and chaotic.

If you know of any city worse for health and productivity, please tell me.

You’ll be partying until the sun comes up, downing cheap Gin and Tonics and banging Thai women until your balls are dry.

Most guys stay in the Sukhumvit area but you’ll want to venture out of here if you want to meet non-pros.

Bangkok is cheap to live in but if you get caught up in the party lifestyle (you will) the costs mount up. However, on a budget of between $1,500-2,000 USD per month, you’ll be living very comfortably.

Update October 2019

Having spent some time in Thailand this year, I really can’t agree more with El Conquistador. Bangkok is honestly pretty dirty, grimey, the traffic is unbelievable—it’s just not a place you’d really want to live in unless you just really like having sex with professionals and drinking copious amounts of booze. 

It’s unbearingly hot during the day, so the only time to go out and actually enjoy is the night, hence why it’s got such a party atmosphere.

Don’t even try to do the European-style “daygame” of walking the streets. When it’s 110 Fahrenheit (40 Celsius) and 100% humidity, there’s just no way you can. Maybe you could do some pickup on the BTS Skytrain, but even that’s so crowded and full of people sweating, I can’t imagine it would be very successful.

I stayed at the Conrad Bangkok which was a nice enough place. Overall, if I was going to live in Bangkok, I’d pretty much be trying to rent an apartment in a nice, new building that had both a gym, pool, and a basic supermarket all within the building itself. I’d plan on only really going outside during the evening or nighttime hours.

Chang Mai

Cheaper and more conservative than Bangkok but you are more likely to run out of girls (or run into girls you’ve already banged).

Both Bangkok and Chang Mai have big location independent communities and plenty of co-working spaces: Check out Third Place in Bangkok.


Infested with European sex tourists and hard-faced prostitutes.

Avoid like the plague – a disease some of the girls probably have.

Islands of Thailand

Koh Samui is just lots of couples and Australian guys.

I prefer the less popular Koh Tao which has fewer tourists and some of the world’s best diving spots.

It’s difficult to find normal Thai girls on the islands but you’ll find plenty of other nationalities willing to get drunk and bang.

Update October 2019

I spent time in Phuket and would not recommend it. It was mostly just Russian and Chinese tourists. I was with a girl, and it was “okay” for that. What I mean is that it’s not super romantic, it’s not like Koh Samui. But, it is nice “enough”, and in addition to that there’s quite a bit to do, as Phuket is a pretty large island.

If you decide to go to an island, you will have 100 people all telling you 100 different things, so just roll with whatever you feel like. If you are dating a Thai girl, obviously, take her recommendation if she can provide you a more locals experience.

Game to Run on Women in Thailand

Pulling from non-pro night clubs in Thailand is difficult.

The HISO (high society) are tough nuts to crack without local contacts. Chalk it up to the cultural norms of Thailand.

By far the easiest bangs you will get will be from online and your best chance of meeting a good girl is from day game. There are, however, a few adjustments you will have to make to your day game approach. Remember to be more discreet as these Thai girls will be very shy and intimidated by a handsome foreign guy. I deal with this by using the business card technique to slip her my number without drawing attention.

Online Game

As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of trash on the dating sites in Thailand and most of the girls will have banged dozens of Farangs (foreign guys).

You’ll have to wade through a sea of hookers, ladyboys and money requests:

My baby has asthma. Can you send me some money so I can buy medicine for him?”

…was one request I got.

The best site for meeting Thai girls, by far, is Thai Cupid. The site’s paywall stops a lot of idiots joining the site and spamming girls.

Tinder is popular in Thailand and if you use it in conjunction with Thai Cupid, you’ll have at least 3 dates per day lined up.

Night Game

The nightclub scene in Thailand is so infested with hookers that you should be wary of any girl who is willing to go home with you.

“Guilty until proven innocent” is my policy in Thai nightclubs.

Just straight up ask her if she’s a working girl. It’s much better to have an awkward conversation in the bar than an argument in your apartment/hotel room later on. If she’s a normal girl, she won’t take offence as she’s knows how many Thai women trade sex for money.

Update October 2019

I think our guest blogger underplayed this. Sex is a huge part of Thai culture, and yeah, you should definitely ask if she’s a working girl or not. The amount of sex that can be bought on any street at any time of day is absolutely astounding.

Overall though, I was saddened by the sex scene.

It’s just not that good.

The girls dancing in all the bars aren’t that attractive, and they look miserable.

The old white guys wandering the streets with beer in hand look like zombies waiting to die.

It’s just sort of sad.

Finally…Thai Ladies Who Are Not Female

thai women
Not a ladyboy, obviously.

Last but not least. These creatures are not easy to spot. I fell foul once but that’s a story for a different article.

Update October 2019

I disagree strongly with this.

It’s very easy to spot them, if you are reasonably sober. Their hands are obviously large, the Adam’s Apple can’t be missed, and as soon as they open their mouth you should have very little doubts on whether or not a Thai girl is a ladyboy. Plus, their mannerisms (such as hips swaying) are so overexagerrated, and their body language is very obviously male.


If you were really drunk, and really horny…

Yeah, it could happen.

Until next time,
– El Conquistador

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    1. I would like to see if anyone has bought from peaches and screams I am looking to buy their Glam Black Lace Babydoll Set as a small Christmas pressie for my nearest and dearest .

  1. Thai woman mostly are beautiful and lovely. they have awesome beauty face and nice body. or we can call them are the angel in Asia.

  2. He knows all the spots not to go. That makes me question him. It is true they love white, it is true you can bang 3 to 4 different girls in a week. But not every week no matter how hard you try. Online girls are a complete mixed bag, not every girl has banged dozens of farrang men. And I got into the HISO seen via tinder and married a Thai HISO (was treated terrible by her Thai BF of 7 years, when he tried to rob her, her family forced a split). One of the biggest reasons Thai girls are into Farrang guys is they get treated badly by Thai men. Most Thai men cheat and its accepted. You make accurate points, but it’s exaggerated. The biggest ‘pro tip’ that was missed is – if you go via the online route make sure they send a video or FaceTime them before meeting. Thai girls are pro’s at editing photos.

  3. Fck off, you chauvinistic pervert!!! You want to come face 2 face with an adopted Thai woman brought up by European, Swedish parents?? Cos I tell you what, us adopted Thais might have the look but we are brought up in a western world and we’ll be as hard core mouthy as the western women. Go fck yourself!!!!

    1. Good thing about adopting Thai women is you can always cut back to ST ( short time ), and send the little shit packing!

    2. Thank you, I couldn’t of said it better. I am also an adopted Thai woman and this guy has obviously never been ANYWHERE in Thailand but the red light district. Any men who read this article are being mislead, we Thai women come from a proud heritage (we have never been colonized by a foreign power) and Buddhist religion. This behavior is only tolerated within the red light district. Also keep in mind that some of those girls might be part of a sex trafficking ring, which means they are slaves and there AGAINST THEIR WILL. Going to theses places and spending money there is only putting more Thai women at risk. Not mention they might lie about their age, so you might be having intercourse with a MINOR and with someone who doesn’t want to be there and who will not get any of the money paid for what this author calls a “bang”. There are plenty of reputable dating sites and services available in Thailand. If someone is not willing to put in the time and effort into cultivating a REAL and LOVING relationship, then you do not deserve a Thai woman or any woman for that matter.

      1. Yeah you’re from such a proud country that your own birth parents gave you up LOL. It’s clear that Thais, like most Asians, are just soulless ant people. But like other whiny groups, you’ll project you have some strong cultural or ethnic roots that make you so proud and important! Africans do the same garbage and just like them, your people are just slaves because of their character flaws. I’m no fan of sex tourism and have never done it myself but to think that the majority Thai women have integrity and are worth anything more than a lay is delusional and the evidence is reality.

        Please though, the more chest puffing, the better. Also, lmao at you bragging about how Thailand has never been colonized when you literally have westerners freely coming in and screwing your women. You’re such a weak nation that you are literally not even worth being colonized because you can be exploited without even having to be formally occupied. You’re pathetic.

    3. In other words, your birth parents gave you up to liberal whites who raised you to be an uppity minority. We’re so happy your birth parents didn’t abort you.

  4. I wish men wouldn’t speak about women like this 🙁 whats wrong with just finding value in a girl? Its like eating ramen noodles for dinner coz its cheap and convenient instead of paying for a decent, nutritious steak meal…

    1. Most women are whores and are worse than worthless. We all wish it wasn’t true but women refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and then whine like you on the Internet.

      “Where have all the good men gone?” the thot cries.

      1. You are a true DICK HEAD! All women are whores? Well then your mother must be one too. The best thing she could have done for the world wound have been taking a coat hanger to you. You don’t deserve a Thai, any Asian, African or any other woman. You sound like a hard core homosexual so go back to your bathhouse and fuck yourself!

  5. Hi Kyle,

    I very much enjoy your blog, really informative…
    I tried to post this online but for some reason the website thinks my message is spam. In any case, feel free to post this in the comments section for other people to react.
    This might seem like an odd inquiry but I a really curious about what groups of ethnic girls tend to leave their bush intact (or just slightly trimmed). I like for girls to shave their pits and legs but I find bushes attractive and don’t like girls entirely shaved down there, as they look prepubescent or something. Unfortunately, all canadian girls I sleep with are shaved. I was wondering what your experience has been going to different countries.

  6. I wouldn’t say Thai guys are pushovers. They will gang up on you, or their GF, and beat the shit out of you over a fairly minor transgression like looking at them wrong or accidentally stepping on their shoe. Furthermore, who do you think keeps the Thai women in their place?

    Western guys are much bigger pushovers in my experience. They (we) let out women run around and do anything they want.

  7. Asians are soulless ant people and there is nothing wrong with exploiting them. They exploit everyone including each other.

  8. I feel more drawn to Thai women than I have a few months ago. Seeing that 2012 movie called “Teddy Bear” helps me. In fact, I have written and published a review about the movie. If you are interested in reading the blog post, please search for my name in Google.

  9. I have a 30 – 32yo Thai women staying as a tenant here in Melbourne Australia at my place, this is the third one, in the past few years. All three do not have an honest bone in their body. The type of lies and the sheer number of them is breathtaking. All three are into scamming men with multiple men on the go. They are looking for an Aussie sucker to get their P.R.

    She tried to pretend she was single to me, I am not interested anyhow. She is way to thin, immature and entilted for me. I find the perfect women act she puts on creepy and fake.

    Only reason why she fessed up to having a BF was because he has knocking on the front door at 12:30 at night and they were arguing. She claims the guy is a 37yo mech engineer but he looks alot older. She was going to play single, how ridicules.

    As far as she is concerned I have not seen him. The only reason I mentioned him to her was because I forgot to mention that I prefer that myself and Tenants don’t bring home people overnight.

    The other night she told me she was going to the gym, she left at 06:00pm she arrive home at 02:00am. I guess it is none of my business, but I had to make it my business as she had designs on me. I believe I have the right to assess the character of the people I am living with.

    Anyhow she has promised to leave her man/men outside of the property so I am happy with that.

    The Thai girl before this one a few years back was a complete whore. Even had guys over. Her bedroom is next to mine! She also used to work at a Thai massage place and at the end of her shift and I quote her boss “she has a different guy waiting for her every night after her shift”.

    No more Thai female tenants after this one. Way to much dishonesty and drama. Complication and hassle in life that it is not required.

    The current Thai girl I don’t even know her real name or her age. She calls herself M*** but that is not the name on her passport, she flashed her passport at VICROADS.

    Lying by omission is her modes-operandi. My home security system does not lie.

    As long as she continues to pay her rent on time and does not bring hers jons to my place all is good.

  10. How many Thai girls you think you know? Have you met all Thai girls in every society yet? Cause you are stereotyping and claiming ‘Thai girls’. People with quality like you wil meet and attract the same quality of people. There are many Thai girls that are educate, smart, well behave, conservative, graceful, and doesn’t have any character/behavior you mentioned at all. But I think a person like you would never have chance to meet or know them.

    1. > People with quality like you wil meet and attract the same quality of people

      Hogwash. This doesn’t apply in the context of traveling abroad.

      Been there, done that myself. I noticed you completely avoided the topic of the women themselves and yet again (as is typical) have attempted to shift the blame back on men.

      Whether I wanted to or not, I’ve met plenty of terrible women. They’re out there and seek men for various reasons (money, green card, etc). It’s just a fact of life.

      But those who live a sheltered, protected life and never get out into the gritty real world wouldn’t know that.

  11. Disgusting man! you should try Kyrgyzstan if you like sexy asian women! that is about as far as Tourists you can get! but know some russian at least!

  12. I’ve been living in Thailand for 6 years now and I’d say 90% of Thai women are whores. It’s not a bad thing. Just don’t expect to find your future wife here.

    1. i met my wife in Big C and we have been together 16 years and she now is an English citizen but still the same as she was when i met her Hard Working and further more has kept me off the road to no where. she is wonderful and does everything for me. she arrived in the UK in 2006 with me and we had £20 between us and now we have our own house and three cars. She has not wasted one penny and her money all goes on Modernising our home. Would i change her? NO WAY she is Brilliant

  13. Seem to me your brain is in need of cleaning the shit is made of…
    As long as you see women as just pussies you ll never be happy for obviously live in your balls.
    A sad way to live life

  14. Well i sure know one thing, American women are the worst women to meet since they have no manners and personality at all these days.

  15. Well, I have read the comments and the sad fact is, that most girls in the world are looking for security, in other words, a guy with money.
    From Scandinavia to Spain and all the way to Americans, especially America, girls want money!!! That’s my experience at my 52 years of age. So whether it’s giving cash for sex, or taking a girl out for dinner, buying her gifts, etc, you are, at the end of the day, paying to have a “lady” by your side (yes, yes, there are exceptions, not that many though.)

    1. I am 56 y.o. I have been running model websites for 28 years. I came to the same conclusion; nevermind all the fancy tricks and bullshitting. Simply put money on the table.

  16. Firstly, Thai’s are not practicing Buddhist’ myth. The monks are all crooks too. Animals are not treated well, unless someone opens a Cat Cafe. Apart from that, there are lots of good things to say about Thailand. There are alot of v nice thai womem, as anywhere else. Strangely you are more likely to have a relationship with a thai lady if she ISNT single. One of my successes have been with a young lady in Krabi who ran a hotel and had a UK bf overseas.i was v persistent with her.. stunning petite lady who wanted nothing more than being totally dominated. Also an heiress to a famous company.. she is married, yet again to a UK guy.. And a bar worker who was married. I didnt follow that last one thru tho, too dodgy.

  17. I wonder why men have to look for dirty sickly sex… no love no emotions. It has become like this druh to overdose on, pure greed and lust for quantity (which is why these kind of men go to countries where women are bound to fuck for their survival!). I just do not get it. How can the dirt of a woman who has slept with hundreds of men even turn you on?
    I have never been to thailand and am proud of it. Instead I visited countries with more culture and tradition such as turkmenistan, uzbekistan, mongolia and india to litterally find teh most beautiful women ever! They are beautiful and respectful of themselves, which us why, upon my return to France, when met this humble dark haired beauty from India at a conference I decided to oursue her and we are happily married…if you want a long term relationship do not go for thais or latin americans: they are only worried about your bank account‘s health!

    1. “How can the dirt of a woman who has slept with hundreds of men even turn you on?”

      A broken society full of men who can’t get anyone.

  18. @ LOL88

    You are full of hatred for other races and gender . Just cause you westerners have the upper hand in term of financial availability doesn’t make u better as a race . These people who talk lowly bout Thai sex workers are pathetic cause you guys can’t go and have a nice date with women in your country , you have to travel at least 10 hours minimum to have access to vagina source and other affordable services yet here you are talking shit bout the people who are in the sex industry . If you have met all the requirements in dating field , you would go through all the hurdle and loop just to have a real split to place ur dick in ( that hand of urs then can have a rest ) respect the ladies and they will respect u ! Losers

  19. You always got to be careful about online dating in Thailand.1 out of every 5 girls that I saw on Tinder was a ladyboy. Most ladyboy’s in Thailand however are cool letting guys know upfront about their sexual orientation, unlike the ladyboys over in Vietnam who won’t tell you nothing until they are downstairs waiting for you in the lobby.

  20. This is interesting. While in one regard, you decry the sad state of affairs of the tourist sexpats from foreign lands ‘ruining’ things for those such as yourself, yet I fail to see how you are any different from those sexpats you so derisively describe. You tend to view these women on either continent as meat for the picking whether you pay or charm a local woman. I’m not trying really hard to be an asshole about it, but really–how are you any different from the other sexpats? Don’t get me wrong–I have no problem with men looking for sex in other countries or with the women engaging them in such services. But…how are you ‘different’ from those that are ‘ruining things’?

  21. Young tall good looking westerners in bangkok shd just head straight to Demo in Thonglor, and get a nice local hotel room booked just incase. Go with a friend and park up on a table with a bottle, look generous and be having a good time. This place is nuts. Wall to wall rich young thai girls, loud music, lots of alcohol. At first no one will be that friendly but as the night wears on and alcohol kicks in, by the end of the evening a few young hiso beauties will be inviting you to join their tables. At closing time make sure the girl who wants to go with you doesnt have some young thai guy mad at you. Thai men are jealous and domt want to lose face. Then make sure she isnt so drunk that her friends take her home.
    This place is rich pickings, literally.

  22. A lot of these “easy sex” is made easy by socio-economic factors. Don’t assume the girls are stupid, or because you you have a “good game,” or Thai guys are pushovers. In fact, Thai guys are some of the best fighters in the world.

  23. So proud Thai women are submissive unlike western women…ok. And you show gratitude of having a more traditional woman by taking advantage of her and using her submission as a convenience to you with your cheap af dates and swindling her so that by the 2nd date your “balls deep in tight asian pussy”. Not treasure her. Your the very reason why women arent submissive anymore. Ball busters like me were made to make a scumbag like yous life miserable 😉

  24. Agree with the article that Thailand is the best first port of call in Asia for men. It’s an excellent detox from soyboy western culture. Get some sun on your back, ride a motorcycle through the jungle, practice Muay Thai and learn how to break a man’s nose should the need arise. And of course, experience a bountiful supply of women. You’ll be feeling like a man again in no time.

  25. I came across your blog whilst looking for info on Thai royal consort (Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi). She’s just been fired for showing ‘disrespect’ because she’s a military pilot. – Even the royal family is shallow.
    Anyway, a great article, it made me laugh and so did the comments after it. You should write a book. Oh, you have.
    I worked in Bangkok for a while, great food and fake watches.

  26. Actually….no…your not right on point 😂😂😂 but this shit made me laugh lol
    And that racist LOL dude….smmfh bruh.
    Folks…this is a blog bout getting pussy as a caucasian american male tourist. The typical setup as middle man sex trafficking in reverse. Sure its some plays on go as a tourist and toss in some talk bout local ” dating scene” but in reality…its advocating overseas prositution while hiding it behind overseas dating.

    Question… Are you the exact same guy who has or had another site dedicated to international fucking tours? Cause it seems all to close to the exact same blog site the other guy had in doing the exact same thing and was in the exact same line of work he decided to depart from and you both seem to have a nice indispensable amout of moneyy for the same jobs you had to “travel fuck”.

    Hell even the typical racist guy in comments was coining same thing as another dude did on that other site as well. I alsi noticed…this guide isnt for a genuine guy of any ethnicity to go do since its seemed even in that other guys blog ( which i seriously think its you as well ) says all the time bout Black males or which ever country males outside of caucasians are belittled and seem to have few to no chances at any women….especially american African Americans ( black americans , nubian….so forth ) so its evident to see this is for American caucasian douchebags only to go to other counties and further exploit their women while throwing bitchfits cause those same lame tactics and pigheaded mindsets dont work on American women who wont put up with it.

    I commend you on showcasing the ignorance and blatant sexism and disrespect you and those with the program you blogging about saying you have done ( i dont believe most but some of it might be true ) that you guys just suck that hard at getting good women for real relationships and treating women abroad foul asf for some pussy paid or gamed. Congrats….the internet always wins. Dummies.
    I am wondering to see if you will reply or what asswipe does and cosigns the ridiculousness you putting out or you will delete it cause i am right on point. Deuces. 😂😂😂😂

  27. Well said and time and effort is well worth the reward. That being said, patience and courtesy are paramount as I have found out. Ladies are all different as well as men so that is why I included that sentence. Happily married for 21+ years, after learning for myself.

  28. Come on Kyle..Dedicate your site to decent women and men seeking marriage! I know that secretly your goal is to see everyone married and miserable….wtf….Your site is a bit edgy.. but nothing too over the top….Fun place to hang out…Good Job Homeboy,

  29. crap on a stick a lot of misogyny here, fear of being thought of as a queer, kneejerk reactions, and plENty of exaggerations about Thai women and their character. Anyone lumping a culture or a people as ‘this way’ isn’t basing it on anything much more than a shorthand experience that’s very limited. While I don’t mind men going to countries to fuck women on the cheap, I still try to not be a complete asshole about it and yet…so few here have any class.

  30. True I was in Bangkok not long ago I didn’t go to red light I just enjoy great food and just enjoy talking to ladies and paying for dinner and just enjoy knowing them for who they are as a person inside and I don’t mean sex just being a good friend and being Christ like and yes I am American too People are people and shouldn’t be judged at face value kitten no person for who they are and the uniqueness And beauty of that person because we were all created equal in the eyes of our father in heaven treat everyone with kindness and love and you will be treated in the same in return who are we to judge we are not Jesus Christ we are only brothers and sisters to Christ Michaelanthony

  31. The best time to meet good looking young thais in bangkok is when they are v drunk. This means get a wingman and go out to the expensive bars of Thonglor and a few in other areas. If you are young, head to Demo..look fun and confident, at some point you will be invited onto a table. The girls will be legless by closing time and want to get laid. Other bars are Rabbit Hole, tons or rich chinese. Iron Fairies is also good. Sit by the bar and talk to the staff. Make yourself approachable. Girls in groups come for 1 drink and depart. A business card and a future date. For an arty interesting older thai, head to Small’s in Suan Phlu. Great bar and lots of hot girls downstairs. By a drink or two and send to a table. Just have fun. And then head to the legand that is Wong’s Place. You can meet all kinds here at this dive bar. Rich girls, freelancers, crazy bitches. This tiny crazy place opens at 2am til morning. Just order enough beer to keep Mr Wong happy!

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