Last updated: January 9, 2019

TDT 043: The Nate Schmidt Interview



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In today’s episode, I welcome Nate Schmidt back to the show to discuss his journey from Troublesome Radio 125 and to where he is now.

We discussed…

  • Dropshipping (is it dead?)
  • How Nate plans on scaling his Dropshipping business into an 8-figure “American” brand
  • How many income streams we each have and where the money’s coming from
  • Travel plans for 2019
  • And finally, the #1 thing that people starting out in online business should be doing (ignore this at your own peril)

Nate can be found at:

Relevant reading & resources:

PS: The Q&A session will air later in the week, so make sure you…

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  1. Fantastic information if you are even slightly interested in building a better future for yourself.
    The interview is an easy listen that will grab your attention & give you the push you need to get started on your early retirement. There are nuggets of insider info that I’m not sure they meant for the public- listen to it now before they get wise to it.
    The best 1/2 hour you will spend if you are waiting for the answer of how to make big money. It’s got enough info that will have you chomping at the bit to get going & sign up for Nate’s newsletter. You have nothing to loose & will gain a real future for yourself.

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