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What Egyptian Cats and Business Have In Common

I’m currently sitting on my Ukrainian Airlines flight to Brussels, and my girlfriend next to me is browsing the inflight magazine. Want to hear something cool? And horrifying… Well, Egypt is where much of civilization “started”. We all know about the pyramids. And a lot of stuff many years ago originated there. And sure, Egypt […]

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Greetings From Canada

Hello from the great Pacific Northwest… After a bit of debate, I decided to cancel the Germany/Seattle parts of my trip, because I didn’t want to risk getting stranded at the Frankfurt airport with their strikes today. So, I flew the new United Polaris Business Class from Brussels to DC, then to Toronto and on […]

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2019 Trips & Travel Hacking

Today, I’m beginning to sit down and sketch out my 2019 (feels weird to write that) travel plans, which…are actually going to be pretty extensive. They include, but are not limited to, and all in the first half of the year… A trip to Canada to film a “Selo Oils Experience”, aka a live webinar […]

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People Want Free Stuff—Don’t Give It

A few weeks ago, during my “Pro Niche Site” promotion, I sent out an email relentlessly mocking a free-loadin’ mooch who had sent me hate during my spring enrollment session. Yours Troubly hoarded on to that email like a sexy-Gollum just to make more sales, because I’m an evil, evil person… Anyways, reader “Didact” had […]

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The Serial-Cereal Scam

A Selo-Smart man wrote to us recently: “I use olive oil as a healthy and natural fat and nutritional additive when I do meal prepping for the week. I heard about the healthy benefits of real olive oil and found out that many brands commonly sold in stores have little of the benefits of the […]

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How to Beat Fake Foods like Donald Trump

An extremely astute reader recently tweeted to us: “This seed oil meme needs to stop Olive oil companies sell their oil in dark bottles because it is cut with seed oils that would spoil in clear bottles Yet most seed oils are sold in clear bottles at the store Am I missing something” Read that […]

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