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Why It’s Always [Country X] Women With [Western] Men

Once in a while I run across an article, which goes to show that so many people have no basic understandings of why things work in the dating market. In this particular article: Having lived in Poland

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Poland And Girls, 2019 Thoughts From A Reader

A reader who I correspond with fairly often via my email list (sign up if you haven’t, they’re free and entertaining as all hell) sent me the below email detailing his recent adventures in

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Polish Women: The A-Z Blueprint to Meet, Seduce, and Bang

Polish women are some of my favorite girls I’ve ever encountered while traveling. After taking several trips to Poland in the last couple of years, I’m officially ready to declare these girls

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5 Cultural Observations: Poland vs. America

I’ve now lived in Poland for three weeks. These three weeks of been some of the best of my life, for a multitude of reasons. I’ve made some great friends, met some cool girls , and enjoyed

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Field Report: The Polish Girl Who Wanted to Be American…

I’m not going to lie, I feel a bit dirty about this Polish girl… Let’s set the scene. I’ve now arrived in Poland—got in on Tuesday night. I had good enough sense to stay

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