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Is Internet Business Ethical…At All?

I thought I’d take the time today to talk a bit about internet business ethics, because it’s something many, many people are split about. Here’s one thing you must understand: We live in a generation where basically everybody has what would have been classified as ADHD 30 years ago. Things change EXTREMELY quickly. What is hot one […]

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The Tools From 6-Figures to 7 Are Different

Photo taken in Doha, Qatar… Reader Phil writes in to ask… “Seriously, appreciate your content though. If you consider making a post these days on how your income’s been evolving recently and from what sources, that’d be really cool.” It’s an excellent question and one that I’ll answer with a few grains of salt thrown […]

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TDT 039: Is Selling Courses Unethical?

In today’s episode, I dive into the Twitter thread here and talk about whether or not selling courses online is ethical. Fact of the matter is, you’re simply going to have people that love it and hate it. Pretty much true with everything in life, isn’t it? Also mentioned: TDT 023 – Illimitable Men Response […]

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