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Time Is Money Abroad (Guest Post at Nomad Capitalist)

I’ve recently been featured over at Nomad Capitalist in an article titled “Time Is Money Abroad“.  Here’s a little sneak peek… “Many people move to a foreign country to leverage a strong U.S. dollar, to lower their tax bills, or for a variety of both personal and financial reasons. Naturally, moving to a foreign country, especially on […]

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My Life Is Going Back to Normal

…finally. Many of you have been aware that I was forced to move countries recently due to visa issues. Then the feminist hate mob came after me. This is all while I was attempting to build a new course, and also trying to get Selo Oils off of the ground. The good news? My life […]

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  • September 25, 2018
  • Women

The Latest Q&A

Today’s episode dives into a variety of Q&A questions about what makes women, travel, and general expat life tick. Many of these questions were answered in daily emails. If you’d like content like this delivered straight to your inbox, sign up at: Show notes: 4:12 – Kyle gets into the Q&A questions (mostly about […]

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American Children Don’t Play Outside Anymore

(This post originally appeared here.) I’ve lived out of the United States and in Eastern Europe for nearly two years now. Despite this, there are some things that seem so simple in nature that I simply cannot fathom. The reason for this? The things that were such a part of my childhood are seemingly nonexistent […]

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