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KT #12: The Insane and Absurd Avocado Toast Phenomenon

In today’s Flashback Friday episode (this was originally Troublesome Radio #79), I discuss an article in Time that went relatively viral. In said article, an Australian millionaire ripped on all

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#07: Intermediate (Game) For Idiots

In today’s Flashback Friday episode, Kyle welcomes back his friend from the last FBF to continue the discussion, this time moving on to intermediate game.   Apple Podcasts / Android / Stitcher

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Beginning Game For Noobs (Kyle Trouble Podcast #03)

Today’s Flashback Friday episode was originally posted in April of 2018. I welcome my Scandinavian friend for a LIVE interview from my apartment in Belgrade, Serbia. We flip the script around a bit,

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Do Foreign Girls Want to Move to the USA? (Kyle Trouble Podcast #02)

In today’s episode, I dive into some questions about how quickly girls are willing to pull the trigger to move to the USA. I also answer a reader’s questions who is interested in making a permanent

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How We Got Here (Kyle Trouble Podcast #01)

— It’s time to change it up. Clearly, the daily format shows are not working, so I’m starting anew (with the same channel feed). Apple Podcasts / Android / Stitcher / Spotify / YouTube

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