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Look For The YES Girls

Recently, a reader asked me a question regarding building a harem—more specifically, the question was, “How do I even start?” Indeed, it can be difficult for one to date multiple women if the pressing issue is getting a phone number, or getting a woman on a date. In reality, much of life revolves around sales—selling […]

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The Best Investment I Ever Made For My Sex Life

The best investment I ever made for my sex life… Was this. An under the bed, home restraint system that I use to tie my girls up and dominate them until I own their God damn soul. Sometimes it even happens on a first date (yeah, girls are far dirtier and darker than they want […]

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How To Really Respond To A Girl

In game and pickup (which I’ll be getting more into in future posts), there is something commonly referred to as a “shit test“.  A shit test is defined as something a girl asks a guy during meeting (or further down the road, as well), to see what the response will be.  These are the questions […]

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