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Why You Must Set Ground Rules With Women

I recently finished a book called “Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man’s Fight for Justice“, by Bill Browder. It’s about him starting his first hedge fund at the same time the Soviet Union fell, allowing him to swoop in and buy companies at fractions of pennies on the dollar. […]

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The Secret to Girls

Time for a little Q&A today (been a while since I did one of these). Let’s dive right in: Q: “Most of what you’re saying is true. I know from experience how much you can learn from being with multiple women at a time. But having a harem is not real outcome independence. You’re still […]

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Most Men Are Too Scared to Admit This About Women

A reader named Jim left a spectacular comment on an old post from 2016. That post was probably one of my better pieces, because it made me realize that changing for a girl was the absolute death spell for any relationship. Women will try to change their man. But it’s just one massive test. If […]

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Beginning Game Myths Debunked

In episode #126 of the show, I welcome my Scandinavian friend for a LIVE interview from my apartment in Belgrade, Serbia. We flip the script around a bit, and he interviews me about some of my thoughts about guys just starting out in the game. You’ll learn: How to structure a first date The type […]

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What’s a Mid-20s Virgin to Do?

There’s a thread over on this forum that I’ve been following with a lot of interest, about a mid-20s male virgin who is struggling to get that monkey off his back. To quote from it: “Maybe you know me from the forum, maybe you don’t… But this situation has been weighing on me for a […]

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Would You Do This To A Girl In 2018?

Recently, I saw this fun little situation on Twitter: “You bang a girl on a first date. Weekend comes, and she texts you to come to a bar down the street. Horny, you comply. You go to the bar with a friend, and see she is surrounded by 3 guys. She smiles and waves at […]

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What It’s Like to Coach Game and Live in Russia

In episode 110 of the show, I welcome back Michael Knight of to the show. This time we discuss his experience as a Game coach, St. Petersburg, his long-term Russian relationship, and other ins and outs of The Motherland. Michael’s first appearance on my show was in episode 30 of The Dating Abroad Podcast, where […]

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The Conflict of Interest Between Men and Women

Yin and yang. Men and women. Contrary to what most people in the media would like you to believe, men and women are different. And whether it’s right or wrong, it simply is what it is. The problem is that many in society are unable to accept that. But that’s not the point of this […]

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How High Are Men Going to Jump?

This post originally appeared here. For many years, I’ve been bombarded with advertisements, articles, and general advice from the mainstream media about how to properly propose to a woman. From the cut of the diamond, to how to craft the perfect proposal, and how to capture it all across every social media platform possible, the […]

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The Biggest Rat Is Still a Rat

Got a great reader question I think is worth answering: QUESTION: “I know you’re not a fan of higher education or corporate jobs in general. But what do you think about these opportunities at the top? So you’re an engineer who was living in California. If you had the opportunity to go to Stanford and […]

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