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The Dropped Wallet Scam In Europe

Just a reminder that once in a while…there’s some bad people in the world. I was walking home on my street last night. A man in front of me dropped a wad of US dollars. I stupidly picked it up and handed it back. The oldest scam in the book. A “cop” showed up a […]

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5 Thoughts About Returning to the West, and Brussels

I’m an extremely fortunate man. I’m able to do what I want with my life, and generally speaking my “lifestyle business” has created many new opportunities (like Selo Oils), the ability to travel, and just…well, a lot. I’m grateful. But last year was bad on the travel front. I got cooped up in Prague for […]

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European Cigarettes Are Healthy, or Something

Just the other day, I was thinking about cigarettes in Europe. Namely, that they’re just not a “big deal” out here. Sure, you see the warnings on the packages, and people generally know that smoking is “bad”, but it’s not the deal it’s made out to be in the States. There isn’t constant propaganda to steer […]

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The Golden Triangle of Europe

This article originally appeared here. I’ve also done a great podcast about the topic. Give it a listen: If a man has only two weeks of vacation a year, he might be hard-pressed to fit everything into a trip that he wants to achieve. Assuming your average single man in the West hopes to game […]

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How to Combat Declining Nightlife

[Hey guys, Kyle here. This is an updated and improved version of Monday’s post that also appeared at ROK. Remember, posts go up at 10am EST Monday/Wednesday/Friday and the podcast drops every Sunday at the same time. to get exclusive content before it’s dropped on the blog. Have a great weekend!] Exclusivity is always going […]

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The Secrets of Austrian Women and Vienna

I recently took a little side trip to Bratislava and then onwards to Vienna. From Prague, it’s pretty simple—four hour train ride to Bratislava, then just an hour by bus between Bratislava and Vienna. While I wasn’t trying to game any Austrian women, I did have a follower on Twitter reach out to me. He […]

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How I Decide Where to Travel

In this video I shot in Vilnius, Lithuania, I discuss how I decide where to travel. I take into account the size of a city, the girls, the friendliness towards Westerners, cost of living, and more. In addition, when I decide where to travel, I like to go…off the grid. Places like Ukraine or Lithuania. […]

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