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A bottle a day. Straight gin. Supposedly what my grandfather consumed on a daily average. Until he went to the nursing home. Now? Who knows. That’s a lot of diapers to go through if you drink a whole bottle and still hydrate after. It concerned me, but just a bit. Then my mother told me she spent […]

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5 Things I Didn’t Like About Europe

I recently managed to write a list of twenty four (!!!) things that would contribute to me leaving California on a permanent basis. I can’t really say that I  have”never left” since I grew up in a small Northern California town, and the distance between Los Angeles or San Diego and my home state is large enough to […]

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The Vegas Field Report

Friday, 3:20 PM Holly and I pull out of the parking lot at my work slightly later than I’d have liked to, but we both got caught up with stuff at work.  What can you do?  Typically the drive from San Diego to Las Vegas is about five hours, but I worried we were going […]

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