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Give Her Plausible Deniability to Be the Slut She Is

Let’s say you’ve got a beautiful girl you’re on a date with, 1on1. Alternatively, you just met her at the bar – but she’s with half a dozen of her mother hen girlfriends. In both situations, you need to give her plausible deniability. A reason to have sex with you – but that reason can’t be […]

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Where to Take a Girl On a Date

Common question I get from readers is, “Where do I take a girl on a date?”  Let’s discuss where to take a girl on a date. First off, let’s define exactly what I’m talking about. Here, the context of a ‘date’ is a first-time one-on-one meet-up with a girl with the explicit intention of spending time together. […]

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Why You Should Not Go On That Second Date

It seems that a lot of people these days go on a lot of first dates. I did it, and had plenty to share about them if you browse through my archives. Gone are the days when you would just be “talking” to someone, then you would “hang out” and then eventually you would move […]

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When A Girl Says You’re Short

😀 Haha, I was complete white trash for Halloween. Had a fake pregnant belly on. A black Ratchet transformers t-shirt that was off the shoulder with my bra straps showing. Cut off jeans. A metal militia hat, “free bird” fake tatted on my knuckles, a chest tattoo with the white-trash names of my other 6 […]

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New Domain

You’ll probably noticed that you now get routed to when you access my blog.  It seemed like a catchy enough name (TIT!) so I went ahead and registered it.  This is the next step of my journey towards complete fucking world domination. Unfortunately I was out late last night with this girl, and therefore […]

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A Perfect Illustration of Preselection

Read this whole conversation.  I’m underlining the important parts and making remarks (bolded) in between messages.  Cute little Asian girl from online. ME: My usual online opener… HER: Your message is definitely the best message I have ever received on this site lol!!  But I feel like you’ve sent this message to a lot of […]

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3 on 3 blind date.

Tonight marks a new adventure in the dating world for me.  I’m going on a Grouper. This consists of my group of 3 buddies meeting up with a group of 3 girls.  We have no idea what they look like, or anything about them whatsoever. Field report will follow.

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