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From West to East: A deep dive into business, relationships and life in Europe with Kyle Trouble

From the desk of Dennis Demori Friday, August 24th, 2018 Location: Mexico City (Kyle here: This interview was originally shared with Dennis’ email list. See the link above to sign up. Take it away, Dennis.) Dennis: We’ve got a LOT I want to cover in this interview, from dating in Central/Eastern Europe to building a […]

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What It Costs to Live in Eastern Europe

“Kyle, how much does it REALLY cost to live in Eastern Europe?” A question I get about every day. So, I’ve done the liberty of breaking my own expenses down. 1. Apartment My apartment costs $1,200 a month with all utilities (no internet). This is an absurd price for Eastern Europe. It’s city center, 85 […]

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Should You Visit Brno?

This post originally appeared here. It’s no big secret at this point that capital cities in Eastern Europe are somewhat played out. Between tourists flocking to these “new and exotic places,” stag parties stumbling through the streets, Tinder taking over, and an influx of Western characteristics—these cities are different than what they used to be. The more that these […]

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