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Small Cities, Small Dreams (Thoughts on Zagreb)

I spent the last few weeks in Croatia, and during that time, I managed to hit up the capital city of Zagreb. Which is quite small, quaint, and charming for a capital city in Europe. I’m used to the

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Happy Belated 4th of July from a Village by the Sea

Photo taken in Zadar, Croatia Greetings and happy 4th of July, my little troublies. I’m writing this to you from a little village by the sea, the actual village that is very, very close to where

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Greetings from Zagreb, and Pictures from Rastoke, Croatia

I’ve been here for the last couple days on this Eastern European trip I’ve taken with my parents and grandma. Very cute, small, quaint town for a capital city. That said, it’s an incredibly

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2019 Trips & Travel Hacking

Today, I’m beginning to sit down and sketch out my 2019 (feels weird to write that) travel plans, which…are actually going to be pretty extensive. They include, but are not limited to,

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