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Break Enough Hearts, And…

Reader “Peter” comments to write… — “Kyle- First of all I got to your blog looking for a Colombian cyclist in the 80s who won stages of the Tour de France. I went on Colombian Cupid 9 years ago and found my wife. We communicated by email and text for awhile and then I went to Colombia to […]

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8 Tips To Bang Colombian Women

My week in Barranquilla and Santa Marta, Colombia was absolutely amazing. I had some killer guys to hang out with, met some beautiful Colombian women, and saw some stunning places. I even acquired what was basically a Colombian girlfriend for the week. My Stats With Colombian Women Total Dates: 5 Dates with girls who spoke […]

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Getting Whipped in a Colombian Whorehouse

In episode 32 of The Dating Abroad Podcast, I welcomed good friend Jake from Nomadic Hustle to chat Colombia. If you don’t know, that’s the trip that really kicked off the digital nomad/entrepreneur goals. Those stories, plus some cocaine in the club, and a story of being whipped in a whorehouse, all unveiled… You won’t want to miss this […]

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American Girls Vs. Colombian Girls

American Girls: Shave their legs once a week. “I wear pants at work, so what’s the point?” Colombian Girls: Shave their legs twice a day so you can enjoy it.   American Girls: “How about microwavable Easy Mac?” Colombian Girls: Shoo you out of the kitchen as they prep you a delicious meal from scratch.   American Girls: Are […]

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