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RED Coffee Review: How to Kickstart Your Day

If you haven’t noticed yet, the theme to this week is productivity. Well, as far as caffeine goes, look no further than RED Coffee. I wrote about cognitive enhancement on Monday with my post regarding Adrafinil. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out. But today we’re going to talk about everybody’s favorite drug. COFFEE. Specifically, RED […]

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Where to Take a Girl On a Date

Common question I get from readers is, “Where do I take a girl on a date?”  Let’s discuss where to take a girl on a date. First off, let’s define exactly what I’m talking about. Here, the context of a ‘date’ is a first-time one-on-one meet-up with a girl with the explicit intention of spending time together. […]

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Starbucks Makes You Fat

I’m sitting at Starbucks, the girl next to me has been making faces at her phone for the last five minutes.  There’s the “duck lips” face, the “serious” face, the “Starbucks mug shot” face, and a couple other weird ones that hopefully don’t make it on to her Facebook.  Oh, look at that!  She has […]

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