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The 5 Best Online Dating Sites, Ranked – 2015 Edition

For the sake of simplicity, here is the criteria I’m using to rank the best online dating sites out there. “Apps” are fair game, even though they technically aren’t a website. These are “general” sites, i.e. not targeted at specific tastes, such as Ashley Madison. The dating sites must be targeted towards a young audience. […]

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The Founders of Coffee Meets Bagel Are Idiots For Not Taking Mark Cuban’s Offer

The world has found it’s next Tinder knock-off, founded by three average-looking (at least they’re slim) but annoying-sounding Asian girls. While they seem to have some decent skills as far as computer engineering goes, their business skills are sorely lacking. They recently went on the entrepreneur show Shark Tank and turned down a (potential) thirty […]

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