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The Ultimate Guide to Dating Honduran Women

This guest post about Honduran women is a guest post by DatingDominican.com. There’s nothing like world-class murder rates to get the blood flowing. Am I right or am I right? Although, that blood might not end up in the right places when you’re looking to seduce Honduran women. Bad metaphors aside, Honduran women are severely […]

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The Secrets to Success with Salvadorian Women

This post about Salvadorian women is a guest post by DatingDominican.com. The danger, the allure, the excitement and more. We’re talking about Salvadorian women and the country as a whole. If you’ve got some balls on you, then checking out El Salvador could be a whole lot of fun. Just know that girls in El […]

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How to Date and Mate with Belize Women

Kyle’s note: This post about Belize women is another guest post from resident LATAM expert, Dating Dominican. I won’t lie to you here. The dating scene in Belize is probably the worst in Central America. It’s not that the girls are ugly. Belize women look better than the average girls in Guatemala and Nicaragua. The […]

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