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Why I No Longer Work In IT

Reader “Ag” writes in to ask me for a blast to the past in regards to my old IT career… “If you don’t mind me asking What led you going from high paid IT work to marketing? Is it because there’s a limited upside for how much you can make in IT?” In a nutshell, […]

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My Job & Location Independence

As I’ve discussed before, I’m in the field of computers.  The below is exactly what I look like: Thankfully, I’m kidding. Recently though, an opportunity arose at work.  A position opened up in a higher engineering department than where I am.  It’s probably the most difficult department that exists in our company, with the most […]

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My First Columnist Position

I honestly never thought something like this would have happened this fast.  I launched this blog barely three months ago, wanting to just keep track of my journey. I then had my Privacy Is Completely Gone post featured at Viva la Manosphere, and submitted it at Return of Kings as well.  This blog is now […]

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