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California Women Are Not The End All, Be All

Yesterday, I linked out the 10 More Reasons California Is Overrated post to Twitter. And, I got this response to it…pointing out that California women are the best in the world, there’s great business to be had, and obviously, the weather and outdoors options are great. I want to break down all parts of this, and […]

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10 More Reasons Why California Is Overrated

From my epic and ever-popular “24 Reasons to Leave California” post… It seems more and more people are getting fed up with the general situation in California. Even those who have spent their entire lives there and beginning to realize that California is simply overrated. It’s simply just out of control, between the raging socialist, […]

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California Is Dying a Slow Death

Here’s a potentially very popular, or unpopular, opinion: California cities = completely overrated. San Francisco is over-running with IT nerds. Los Angeles has the poison of Hollywood, takes you an hour to go five miles. Sacramento: “Why is THAT city the capitol?” – Everyone San Diego is awesome, give ya that. And yet, everybody wants […]

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