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Sex and Sales

A while back, I got an email from a reader who compared dating/girls/game to sales pitches in the business world: His email read… “Anyone with strong game should be able to write interesting dialogue for any product. Game is nothing more than a sales pitch. Strong game should mean strong sales even if the product […]

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28 Steps To Successful Business

This week was birthday number 28 for yours Troubly. Seems like it was just yesterday that I was 27, sitting out at Luka Lu in Prague with some dear friends. Since then… I’ve moved back to Kiev, leaving behind the life built in Prague. It turned out to be a great decision. Business has boomed and […]

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Boeing’s 737-Max and Business Questions (Trouble #060)

In this episode, I discuss the recent Ethiopian Airlines crash (and whether you should be flying on Boeing’s 737-Max), and answer each and every question I’ve received on Instagram in the past few days. I also discuss the upcoming podcast schedule in light of my recent travels. Side note: I was considering just putting all business […]

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Why Can’t I Slow Down

I hurry to tie my new winter boots. I struggle to get my fur coat on. The zipper drives me mad. Next comes the gloves. Then the hat. Then it’s a matter of getting my backpack on my back, getting out the door, fumbling in the giant pockets for the keys, locking the door, putting […]

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The Black Pill of Business & Monetization

In the latest episode of the show, I go into details regarding Illimitable Man’s very good and fair post over on Reddit about monetization in the modern ‘Sphere. This will be the only “sticking my head” into this business, but you’re free to discuss fairly and rationally in the comments below (I’ll manually approve them). […]

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