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My Little Sister’s White Knight

Enter, stage left, my little sister, Michelle. This is her first year away for college.  She attends a pretty large university here in California.  Admittedly, it has not been the easiest first year for her as a college freshman.  First, two weeks into the first semester, her high-school and long-term (several years) boyfriend broke up […]

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A Test Of Your Game – Reader Answers

Here is the scenario I proposed yesterday: I’m walking down the street in between my two buddies.  I’m rocking a navy blue blazer, sharp dress shoes, and perfectly groomed facial hair.  As I’m walking, a cute girl makes eye contact with me.  She’s about 5’7″, with a killer body and long, brown hair.  As I […]

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Reality TV Is Another Way To Keep You Plugged In

I don’t have cable TV in my apartment. I’m home with my parents and sister on holiday this week, so actually getting to watch a little TV is a nice little treat for me.  However, the more I channel surf, the more and more disgusted I am by the amount of reality TV garbage polluting […]

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Life As A Married Man

As I’ve discussed before, I work in IT; therefore, I work with a lot of nerdy fellows.  And a lot of them are fat, too.  Nice guys?  Of course!  Many of them are married and with children.  Pussy slayers? Hardly.  As the day was winding down on Thursday, three of us were sitting around bullshitting […]

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