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How to Create Web Content People WANT

It’s 2017, and things move really fast. If you want to follow a social media platform like Twitter, where people spew their thoughts out in 140 characters or less—be prepared to treat it like a full-time job. I follow a mere 50 people and increasingly find myself skipping through and realizing that I cannot possible […]

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5 Reasons Women Should Read Manosphere Blogs

Today’s post is courtesy of a guest poster, Grace.  She’s been a loyal reader since I started ThisIsTrouble, and she makes some great points in this post.  I am now accepting guest posts, so if you want to contribute to shenanigans, get in touch here.   Make sure to check out her blog and find […]

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Motivation & Posting Frequency

As many of you have probably noticed, most of my posts of late haven’t been all that thought-provoking.  They’re just general tidbits and whatnot about my life, ranging from field reports, random adventures, and music.  While I’m not struggling to come up with content, I am trying to save up all of my real thought-provoking, […]

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