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Where to Take a Girl On a Date

Common question I get from readers is, “Where do I take a girl on a date?”  Let’s discuss where to take a girl on a date. First off, let’s define exactly what I’m talking about. Here, the context of a ‘date’ is a first-time one-on-one meet-up with a girl with the explicit intention of spending time together. […]

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The “Hollywood Kiss” Is Bullshit

You’re sitting in a car dropping her off after the first date.  Your heart is pounding and your palms are a little sweaty.  Perhaps there’s a glisten of sweat on your forehead.  You know you want to kiss her, and it takes all your willpower to muster up the courage to make that leap of […]

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When A Girl Says You’re Short

😀 Haha, I was complete white trash for Halloween. Had a fake pregnant belly on. A black Ratchet transformers t-shirt that was off the shoulder with my bra straps showing. Cut off jeans. A metal militia hat, “free bird” fake tatted on my knuckles, a chest tattoo with the white-trash names of my other 6 […]

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Where Did I Go Wrong? | Part 2

Part 1 After getting her response, I go silent for a day on her.  Sunday rolls around, and while I would normally wait two days before contacting her, I decide that my chances of nailing a date down for the week are better on Sunday, which is when I make the majority of my plans […]

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Where Did I Go Wrong?

On Saturday I’m walking around one of the college campuses looking for some daygame targets.  There’s not much going on — this is considered the “ugly” campus of the three major campuses in my city.  However, it’s conveniently close to my apartment and there’s definitely some potential for the occasional adorable bookworm to be around.  […]

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Grouper: Field Report, and why you should roll solo.

To read the actual Grouper review, click here.  This is more of a recap of what transpired for the whole night.  To set the record, I didn’t know one of the guys with me, and hardly knew the other.  I had actually responded to a “Need a wingman,” ad specifically for this Grouper.  I figured […]

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Review of Grouper services.

As mentioned here, I went on a Grouper last night.  It was a 3 on 3 blind date.  The field report is coming next, but I want to take this post to talk about what exactly Grouper is.  Basically, you join Grouper using your Facebook account.  They approve you, assuming you are cool.  Then, they […]

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3 on 3 blind date.

Tonight marks a new adventure in the dating world for me.  I’m going on a Grouper. This consists of my group of 3 buddies meeting up with a group of 3 girls.  We have no idea what they look like, or anything about them whatsoever. Field report will follow.

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