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The Taco Bell Blobbering Beta

Time for the latest Q&A (and comment) to kick off July… Q: By the way I listened to the podcast you made with Matt Forney about Paris, and you’re right this city is becoming a real shithole. I lived there from 2015 to 2017 (and not far from it during my childhood). A: I talked […]

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Watching Sports Is So Beta, Bro

You know, I often see advice floating around about how watching sports is such “beta” behavior, and that if you truly want to get ahead in life that you need to cut it out. And now, I’m going to present you the ultimate solution. First off, my thoughts: I think the advice isn’t so black […]

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Poor schmuck in line at Chiptotle.

I’m standing in line at Chiptotle, the delicious smell of salsa, marinaded chicken/steak, and burritos wafting through the air.  I haven’t eaten in close to six hours; which is a lot for me.  I’m cranky when I’m hungry.  There is an Indian couple and their young daughter in front of me in line.  I groan […]

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