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Thailand Part II (Trouble #065)

In today’s episode, I touch briefly on the recent tragedy at Notre Dame and why the people “crying” about it are pathetic. I also go into the second half of my Thailand post, which you can read in its entirety here. Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Stitcher | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram | RSS If […]

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I Thought I Would Die On A Thai Jetski

From the desk of Kyle Trouble Location: Phuket, Thailand — I clutched on for dear life as she attempted to maneuver the jetski into a simple turn. You have to give it gas in order to make it turn, completely opposite of how a car moves. I felt the machine lurch side to side, and […]

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Being a Millionaire in Southeast Asia Is Pointless

On my recent trip to Thailand, there was this nagging feeling that I had throughout the trip through both Bangkok and Phuket… Which is, even if I had 10, 25, maybe even 50 million dollars in my bank account, my life wouldn’t be that much “better”. Confused? Let me explain. Simply put, no matter how […]

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