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Swiss Women • The #1 A-Z Seduction Guide

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Are all Swiss women rude, cold, and unapproachable? 

If you ask expat forums, they sound impossible to date! But this Swiss woman aficionado begs to differ. Here is the complete guide to dating Swiss girls (without BS and fuss), including: 

  • Online dating tips & tricks
  • Meeting Swiss women in real life (without getting brutally rejected)
  • A singles nightife guide of all major Swiss cities
  • Dating culture insider info – expectations, dating around, commitment… even marriage culture

But first, let’s talk about what Swiss women are actually like!

You Know It’s A Swiss Girl If… 

A lot of the stereotypes are based on truth. But no, they’re not all frigid and blunt with their rejections. 

She is very outdoorsy

A fifth of the country’s area is covered in mountains. Swiss people, though most of them live and work in cities, appreciate outdoor living. She can probably teach you how to ski… And she might leave you behind on the hiking trail. 

You’ll explore Swiss nature if you date a local girl! 

So come prepared with good walking shoes and some lotion to relieve the inevitable ankle sprains. 

They work out a lot 

The image of a rosy-cheeked Heidi has to come from somewhere! Swiss beauty is all about being healthy and taking good care of yourself. A lot of local women are avid gym rats. Any place for working out (the gym, a climbing centre, a yoga studio) is a good spot to meet Swiss women!

Very diverse

Not all Swiss women are leggy blondes. In fact, there are so many expats nowadays that the average Swiss girl doesn’t exist. You’ll meet plenty of fair, tall, blue-eyed women… But also Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and even a lot of black girls. 

Natural beauty rules

Swiss girls don’t fuss with their looks. They’re among the lowest maintenance women I’ve met. Like ever!

Don’t be surprised if she shows up to your date in minimal makeup and jeans. It’s not because she doesn’t want to put effort, Swiss women just genuinely prefer natural beauty. This means they also don’t take long to get ready for a date. 

Fashion… is not what you’re used to  

The average girl in Geneva wears jeans, a comfy sweater, and a fitted coat/blazer on most days of the week. Their sense of style is minimal and all about efficiency. They don’t like flashy or overly trendy clothes. While Swiss people do occasionally dress up, you will mostly find them in casual attire. 

… by the way, this doesn’t mean you should dress frumpy!

Local men set the standard high. They’re usually found in a shirt and good shoes, even if it’s just another day at the office. 

Another thing about Swiss style is, of course, brands. Swiss people value high-quality garments and that comes at a price. While no self-respecting person in Switzerland will judge you based on the clothes you wear (neutrality and acceptance is their whole thing), you will stick out like a sore thumb if you walk the streets in all-Primark attire!

Natural planners

There is some truth to this stereotype. Swiss people plan their week (and sometimes the following week) in advance. There is not much room for spontaneity, so don’t suggest a date for ‘tomorrow’ or ‘this weekend’.  She has plans! Three weeks from now sounds like a much more viable option! 

Independent and proud of it 

Swiss women’s independence is very recent. They only received the right to vote in the 70’s! Not to mention that up until a few decades ago they’d need their husband’s permission to get a job, open a bank account, or run for office. 

But Switzerland is catching up quickly with the women’s movement. In fact, they were recently voted the second-best country for women (the first being Iceland). Even so, in June 2019 women took to the streets to protest equal rights. 

Not to get too political on you, but Swiss women are very fierce about their independence (not all but definitely most of them). It’s best not to touch the subject, unless you want to release a rant or prompt her to leave angrily (depending on the opinion you expressed). 

Very open-minded

Again, not all Swiss people, but a good amount of them. 

In this country, there are two million ex-pats! The Swiss government recently estimated that 35% of all marriages are between a foreigner and a local. How can locals not be open-minded! 

The only thing she will judge you on is your tardiness… 

Always 15 minutes early

This one is completely true. I am yet to meet a Swiss person that arrives late. In fact, they’re usually 15 minutes early as a sign of respect. While this is all good at the workplace, it can get quite awkward when you’re dating a Swiss woman. 

You don’t want to keep your date waiting! Arrive a few minutes early too. Tardiness is a major turn off. 

Multilingual (and treats it like no big deal)

In Switzerland, German, French, and Italian are all spoken. If she comes from the German part, she’d have German as her native language… But most Swiss people learn the other two as well. That’s on top of English, which nearly every Swiss person is fluent in. 

Speaking 3+ languages is no big deal for most Swiss women. After all, it’s hardly a unique quality in Switzerland. Prepare to be amazed!

Highly intelligent and not a fan of small talk 

I firmly believe that this is where the ‘cold Swiss girl’ stereotype comes from. People in Switzerland are highly educated, career-driven, and curious to learn about the world around them. Small talk simply doesn’t interest them. 

Getting a Swiss girl to open up is much easier if you offer an actual conversation topic. It doesn’t have to be very deep but a little more than small talk is better. For example, I’m guessing you’ve travelled a lot (because you’re literally reading an article on international dating). Talk about your travels, the different cultures you’ve experienced, ask her where she has been, etc. 

How Do I Meet Swiss Women? 

Like in most places, dating is moving to the Internet. With the rise of dating apps like Tinder, however, people expect instant hookups. Sorry to disappoint you, but Swiss people move slow when it comes to dating. Whether you met through Tinder, a mutual friend, or at a bar, Swiss women don’t see it as a more ‘slut’ way to date. 

You can have casual sex in Switzerland, but it’s not guaranteed just because you met on Tinder. 

Online Dating In Switzerland

Swiss people are naturally very efficient so it’s normal that online dating appeals to them. You can swipe thousands of singles from the comfort of your own sofa (or toilet)! 

These days, virtually every ‘single and ready to mingle’ Swiss woman has an online dating profile. Here are the best sites and apps to meet Swiss cuties!


Tinder is (and will probably always be) the biggest dating app in Switzerland. Is it the best? Depends on what you’re looking for. Here is what the average Tinder girl is like in Geneva (or Zürich, or any other major city): 

  • Early 20’s.
  • Either a student, an intern, or just starting her career.
  • ‘Anything goes’ attitude to relationships – if she meets somebody she clicks with, dope, if it’s just a fling, also fine.
  • Independent and proud (again, don’t talk about feminism on your first date).
  • Not traditional at all (i.e. not sure about kids, agnostic or atheist, not cut out for housewife life)
  • Well-travelled and interested in several different topics
  • Speaks multiple languages 

Because Tinder singles are younger, it’s not the place to find a relationship. You could, but you’re not as likely to. Swiss women get married and have children older. This means they don’t have the pressure to find a long-term relationship in their early 20’s. For them, this is the time to explore, get to know themselves, get their career off the ground, etc. 

International Cupid 

Unlike Tinder, International Cupid is specifically for finding a relationship. They have a bunch of success stories to prove it – their testimonials page is littered with wedding photos. 

Why International Cupid, though? 

  • Geared towards (big surprise) international dating 
  • Over 1 million singles
  • Higher (but not impossible) barrier of entry ensures high-value women 
  • Great for expats and locals alike 

International Cupid works like a traditional dating site. You fill out a profile, put up pictures, and text back and forth with people that you’re interested in. BUT one of you does need a premium profile. 

Why would I pay for dating? 

Because International Cupid is a way to meet higher-value women, because the membership fee is flat and all-inclusive, because it helps Cupid Media keep the site safe (by employing people to monitor it), etc. 

But most of all, it’s a ‘barrier of entry’ thing. To meet people on International Cupid, you have to put in some effort. That’s why the people there are more mature (in their late 20s and above), relationship-minded, and more interested in meeting you IRL. 

Flaking is a huge issue on Tinder (I’d say 0.5% of my Swiss matches turned into dates) but not so much on International Cupid. When it comes to efficiency, it’s very hard to compete with Cupid… So it pays to invest less than your daily coffee budget in dating quality singles. 

The Perfect First Message

No second chance for making a first impression! Here is how to craft the ideal opener on International Cupid

  1. Unusual opener – data from online dating platforms suggests that ‘howdy’, ‘hola’, ‘what’s up’ and other unusual greeting perform better than ‘hi’ or ‘hello’. You could start with Salut (in French), Hallo (in German), or Ciao (Italian), depending on where the girl comes from. 
  2. Self-deprecating – confidence is sexy IRL but a (slightly) self-effacing first message works great online. 
  3. Compliment something specific – show interest in her profile (and prove that you actually read it) by complimenting something you saw there. Physical compliments don’t work nearly as well! 

With these in mind, here is a copy-and-paste message for your International Cupid endeavours: 

“ Hallo! Was ist los? 

This is all the German I know but I’m guessing you can be smart for both of us. Is that Gone Girl you’re reading in the third picture? It’s one of my favourite books. Major props on a great taste in literature! 

I’m Jason, by the way!”

Swap out the German for French or Italian, mention a different thing from her profile, you get the drill! The three important things are: 

  • Cool greeting 
  • Engaging message
  • Non-physical compliment

Of course, it helps if you filled out your profile and chose some non-hideous pictures. I know you have some, that selfie won’t do!


Badoo takes the Tinder concept and makes it location-dependent. It helps you meet people who have similar interests and happen to be in your area. And yes, it works in Switzerland with one small hitch: 

You have to be in a city. 

Badoo won’t help if you’re travelling around or staying in a smaller place. In fact, I’d say it only works in Zurich, Geneva, and maybe Basel or Bern. Because of the location-dependence, it’s also not great for pipelining before you arrive in Switzerland. 

Those downsides aside, Badoo is one of the popular Swiss dating apps. You’ll find a fair share of travellers and fellow expats, too. 

Singles Nightlife in Switzerland: Mission Impossible?

Swiss girls get a bad reputation for being hard to approach. Part of this is because of their hatred towards small talk, another part is the fact that they’re not naturally expressive, extroverted, or flirtatious. The Swiss character is more neutral, sometimes pretty closed-off, and this can come across as unfriendly. 

Does this mean not to approach? 

No, it’s actually a very good idea to approach Swiss women in bars. Local men are so bad at it that you’re immediately at an advantage. However, rejection can also come swiftly and in a no-nonsense manner. Don’t take it personally, just move on to another cutie. 

Zurich Singles Hotspots 

Zurich is easily the country’s nightlife hotspot, making it the perfect place to meet Swiss women at night. On weekends, nearly half of the country flocks here to drink and dance the night away. Here are the best venues for a single man out and about in Zurich: 

  • Langstrasse district, which progressed from a former red-light district to a staple in any Zuricher’s party night. Some favourites here include Zukunft, Gonzo, and House of Klaus
  • Altstetten is a district in the outskirts of the city. It’s not easy to get here without a car (or incredibly expensive cabs) but you’ll be rewarded with a very exciting night. Come here for a more alternative scene (places like Klub 457) and to meet younger girls, around college-age or so. 
  • Hiltl Club, Jade Club, and Icon Club in District 1 are higher-end options and also places to meet other foreigners. Some people swear by Kaufleuten while others are disappointed by the high cover fee and relatively cold girls… Then again, Swiss women aren’t super warm no matter where you go. 

Geneva Nightlife For Fun Singles

Geneva is the French-speaking gem of Switzerland and the party vibe is classier, more refined, but no less fun than other cities. If you’re looking to meet a Geneva hottie, here are the places you should go to: 

  • The Baroque Club is a fancier disco that attracts Geneva’s glitziest singles. Though you can hardly call any Swiss woman high-maintenance, this is the place to hook up with heavier makeup-ed singles. 
  • Mambo is vibrant, friendly, and a great place to rub shoulders with attractive locals, even if the average age is around 20 (yup, this is a student-favourite disco)
  • Bypass Club is another more relaxed hangout, though it’s not all the way hipster, considering the commercial music they play. Expect a fun, mixed crowd (tourists and locals alike) so you might end up with a fellow traveller but hey… That’s all good and fun, too!
  • La Gravière, though it falls a little far from the centre, offers some of the city’s best clubbing experiences, complete with delicious drinks, a sleek interior, and a sound system to make your body bop. 

Basel Singles Bars & Discos

Basel might not come to mind when you think of nightlife hotspots, but it doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer. From high-end clubs to alternative hangouts and everything in-between, Basel has plenty to keep you busy. And plenty of pretty Swiss girls for you to meet!

  • Borderline is a Basel institution with decades of history. They’re known for their banging parties, as well as the beautiful clubgoers!
  • Hababo Club is more relaxed but no less fun. A refreshingly non-pretentious place, Hababo is perfect for meeting Basel’s chilled out chicks. 
  • Atlantis Basel, a ‘culture club’ is a place for more sophisticated(ish) singles but the crowd is older than other bars. 
  • Baltazar Bar is Basel’s luxe drinking location, perfect for meeting high-maintenance hotties and impressing your date (then again, Swiss women aren’t ones to be won over by money).

Bern By Night: A Single’s Paradise? 

Bern is anything but boring. By day, it might be a serious workaholic city but locals know how to let loose. Singles nightlife here is buzzing on weekends and these are the top locations you should visit: 

  • Karma Club & Shisha Lounge is possibly the tackiest club in Bern but it happens to be one of the most fun ones, too. Enjoy an authentic Middle Eastern shisha, dance to reggaeton, meet Bern’s student population (and some party-minded expats)!
  • Du Théâtre sounds fancy… But it’s actually hip-hop/R&B central. This tiny club is packed with hot singles, especially on weekends. Make sure you come prepared for the prices, though! Even if it’s a casual disco, the drinks are still expensive (and you’ll be buying some for Swiss girls, hopefully). 
  • Dead End is not a very inviting name, but this is a staple in Bern’s nightlife scene. Depending on the DJ, the music can range from deep house and techno, to hard rock or even death metal. Unpretentious and friendly, Dead End rarely disappoints. There is a reason it has been around for years! 

You Met A Swiss Girl… Now What? 

In Switzerland, dating around is ok, on one condition: 

Once it gets physical, you’re exclusive!

Swiss women don’t sleep with strangers or near strangers. They are open to dating multiple people, though. How else will they know which one they like best? However, if you’re having sex, you better be exclusive. And no, you don’t need to have ‘the talk’. 

Independence In Relationships

Swiss girls are fierce about their independence. Think about it. They come from a country where: 

  1. Everything is planned and efficient.
  2. Women prioritise career and education.

Having your own life, friends, and ambitions, is key for a healthy relationship. Swiss women believe that 100%. Even when she’s your girlfriend, you might only see her 2-3 times per week. Make them count! 

Equal Partnership

Up until recently, Swiss women were among the most oppressed in Europe. Today, they value equality in a relationship all the more! This means: 

  • You are sharing chores, a clean house is not just her responsibility. 
  • She respects your working schedule, you respect hers. 
  • You split bills (some couples even do it at the supermarket, though that’s a bit extreme). 
  • On dates, you go Dutch (or should it be ‘you go Swiss’)

Basically, Swiss girls aren’t looking for a provider, they want an equal partner. And you best believe they’ll assert this standard!

Healthy Sex Life

Swiss Women

I know you think you’re a sex god, but Swiss people have 10% more orgasms than other Europeans… In my experience, girls here are a lot less likely to fake an orgasm. That’s a good thing but it also means you should try harder. No one-sided oral! 

Love, Marriage, And A Baby Carriage? 

Maybe, but later on in life. Swiss women are happy to stay single past 30. The expectation to have kids in your 20s is no longer there. Switzerland is an economic powerhouse and women are just too busy building their careers! 

That said, marriage isn’t off the cards. It just happens later down the line, maybe after 4-5 years of dating and making sure you’re financially stable to start a family. 

Swiss Women: In Conclusion

They’re dope! Don’t worry about the stereotypes, Swiss girls can be a lot of fun to date. Not to mention they make perfect partners – in the true sense of the word. 

Do you have a different opinion? Let us know in the comments below! 

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