Last updated: December 21, 2016

Spreading Seed Goes Deeper Than Sex



My friend and colleague Ivan Throne put a new post up today called How to Fiercely Spread Seed.

While I know most of you (myself included) are going to look at that and thing it’s an article about spreading your seed with a plethora of beautiful girls, it goes a lot deeper than that. It’s about spreading power, beliefs, and ultimately taking back what’s been destroyed in the last few decades regarding Western society.

You probably remember Ivan from the several podcasts we’ve done together.

Anyways, his new post (after I got the images of endless passion out of my head) touches on something that has been on my mind recently—fatherhood. Spreading seed in the most serious of ways possible.

If you’d asked me as recently as January this year, I probably would have told you that there was a reasonable chance I’d be quite happy being a lifelong bachelor. Now, did turn 25 this year—which is technically the year that mens brain reach full maturation. My own father always reminded me of this as I grew up. He hasn’t brought it up since my birthday in July.

So maybe it’s partially hormones, maybe it’s the way that Ukrainian women have changed my mind. I’ve heard similar things from men who have settled down with Brazilian women or Mexican girls, to name a few.

Because my own children have a much better chance of a happy and good life with a girl from the FSU than they do if I pick a Western girl. As Ivan said well in his post:

Enriching fertilizer must follow spread seed.

The flip side of our principle involves calm, measured, and minute increments of fertilization.

Understand well that conditions for new life are fragile and easily become fetid when overwhelmed. As you stride through your life and you spot opportunities, learn to appropriately deliver complementary fertility across a wide yet gently shallow swath.

Ivan goes on to discuss delayed gratification. And he’s right, the small things add up.

But in the terms of fatherhood, the small things won’t matter if you don’t think big picture. And that starts with picking the right girl, right off the bat.

King’s Code teaches you how to do that, as Ivan says:

Do you desire a lovely harem to sate a healthy appetite for sex?

Immerse yourself in the King’s Code from Kyle Trouble, and apply his methodology.

Make sure you read the whole article over at The Dark Triad Man.

Click here to get your copy of King’s Code.

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  1. When you said that your future children will likely have happier and better life with an FSU girl I totally agree. Where I’m from (Australia) the quality of the women seems low and unsuitable for marriage(being obsessed with their smartphones, or having the obsession with their silly corporate careers) so I plan on permanently moving to a country in the FSU if I decide to have a family.

    By the way talking about fatherhood and searching for a potential mother of your children what do you think of Roosh’s requirements stated in these two links:

    To what extend to you agree/disagree with the part when he claims that the woman’s belief in a God and her religious views/adherence to religious rules are important?
    Previously I thought it was very important but now I’m not too sure.
    I think you said before that Ukrainian girls/EE girls aren’t so religious, yet they seem to not fall into western girl route of whoring out to many men, getting wasted in the bar, cheating etc. From what I’ve read form this site these girls manage to be feminine and sweet for the most part.

    1. I disagree with some people on the fact that I’m okay with “not a virgin”. Can’t be a whore, but I don’t expect to be the first. I think there’s almost always a curiosity that I’d rather she have satiated with one or two other guys. that way she knows she’s never going to get fucked better than with me.

      I’m not religious at all, so personally I don’t really care but I do see his points on that. Better to worship Jesus than Kim Kardashian.

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