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Southeast Asian Girls: #1 A-Z Guide to Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam (2020)

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Kyle here: This is a guest post about Southeast Asian girls by an old friend who no longer blogs actively.

Southeast Asian girls are much sweeter, more feminine and eager to please a man than Western girls. We all know that.

Most white girls have gotten fat, disgusting and bitter with entitled attitudes. With a few rare exceptions, only a fool of a man would date or marry a Western white girl today. A man would be much happier with Southeast Asian girls—as long as she is not a bar girl.

I’ve spent at least two years of vacationing, traveling and living in four different countries of Southeast Asia. I partied with, went on dates and had relationships with Southeast Asian girls in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Whenever I found an exceptional girl whom I really liked, I would take her on trips to exotic islands with beautiful blue waters, historical sites with local fresh food, or to the mountains with refreshingly cool waterfalls. We’d spend quality time together for a week or so away from the chaotic hustle and bustle of a typical Southeast Asian city.

On these little trips, I was much happier and more relaxed than I was on my honeymoon with my now ex-wife.

Yes. I was married to a Western girl.

After five years together, we got a divorce. Five years may not sound like that much time, but deep down, I knew our marriage was doomed right from the start. It took five years until I decided I finally had enough and went dating abroad.

Western Girls vs. Southeast Asian Girls

Once my divorce was finalized, I packed my bags to travel around Southeast Asia. At the time, I was used to bitchy Western women, so these petite and sweet Southeast Asian girls completely blew my mind.

Here’s a specific example:

Whenever I got sick, my ex-wife would roll her eyes, scoff at my “attention-seeking” attempts and walk out of the house without so much as a “love you honey”. Alone and bedridden with a 102°F fever, I was rueing my mistake:

“Is this really the kind of woman I married? Is this how she’s going to treat me when I’m on my deathbed pushing eighty?”

Now, take typical Southeast Asian girls…

What do Southeast Asian girls do if you got sick?

She would tell you to stay in bed, take the day off work, go to the pharmacy to buy medicine and pick up some groceries on the way to your place. Even if you told her you’d be fine and that you’d take care of yourself, she’d insist on taking care of you.

She’d cook up a storm and serve you soothingly warm soup with vegetables, eggs, chicken and noodles that tastes better than at most restaurants.

After your meal, she’d put a pill in your mouth and offer you some lukewarm (not cold) water after you swallowed your medicine.

She would lay in bed with you and lovingly stroke your chest with her small feminine hand, watching you carefully for any signs that you’re getting better or worse.

When I got sick with a bad cold for the first time in the Philippines, I had been dating this girl for some time. I was so touched by the way this girl treated me, I had to spend a lot of effort holding back tears.

That was when I knew:

I will never date a Western white woman ever again.

That is the danger in dating lovely Southeast Asian girls—you will not be able to go back.

Okay, Southeast Asian girls are great. We’ve definitely established that.

But in each country within the Southeast Asia region are vastly different languages, cultures, histories, resources and economies. Thais, Vietnamese, Indonesians, Laotians, Cambodians and Filipinas are all different.

How Are Southeast Asian Girls in Each Country Different?

[divider style=’left’]

Granted, a lot of these differences are viewed through the lens of one person, colored by my own personal experiences. In an attempt to keep things more objective, I introduce six comparison metrics with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best:


This is more about how the girls act than how they look. Do they act like a woman? Or more like a man? 1 is the most unfeminine where women act like men, and 5 is where femininity oozes out of every pore of their being.


This is a simplification of the conventional 1 to 10 scale where 1 is fat and ugly with short hair dyed blue, and 5 is hot, thin and stylish.


Closely related with femininity, but there is a distinction between that and attitude. Attitude is not just about how they act, but also rooted within their deeply seated belief systems. Are they bitter and entitled takers (1), or are they sweet and affectionate flexible givers (5)?


For more than a fuck buddy relationship, you want a girl to have an intelligence level somewhat close to yours. Deviate any further than that and you will likely be bored or frustrated. 1 means low intelligence and hard to talk with, and 5 is high curiosity and can discuss history, politics, etc.


Relationships are more fulfilling within conservative societies. In this scale, 1 means many women are degenerates who lean super slutty (e.g. England, U.S., Australia). 5 means highly conservative and family oriented, rarely fornicating before marriage (e.g. Saudi Arabia).


In Southeast Asia, most people don’t speak English outside of the touristy areas. But some girls do know a little English. They would normally love a chance to practice with you! 1 means most people speak zero English, where 5 means most people are at least 90% fluent in English.

The Western Blueprint

Using women from the West as the “control” to help you gain perspective on what Southeast Asian girls are like:

  • Femininity: 1
  • Looks: 1
  • Attitude: 1
  • Intelligence: 2
  • Conservativeness: 1
  • English: 5

Pretty dismal, eh?

Just about the only redeeming quality Western girls have over Southeast Asian girls is that they are more fluent in English.

Now, you might quibble with me giving them an intelligence score of 2, so let me explain:

It isn’t always about IQ. I don’t give Western girls a high intelligence score because many subscribe to feminism, an utterly stupid and retarded belief system contributing to the toxic decline of Western civilization. Add all these mental problems and extremely poor judgement among Western women—that’s enough to dock another point or two.

Now let’s compare all Southeast Asian girls.


[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]Femininity: 5
Looks: 5
Attitude: 3
Intelligence: 4
Conservativeness: 3
English: 3[/thrive_text_block]

Thais are slim, petite and quite feminine. Looks and cleanliness are extremely important to them. They understand style and what it takes to get a man’s attention—no one wears those sexy tight retro jean shorts better than Thais.

Generally, Thais have smaller asses than their counterparts in the other three countries, plus Cambodia and Laos. Northern Thais have whiter skin but are more reserved like the Chinese. Southern Thais have darker skin but with bigger butts.

Thailand is the only country of Southeast Asia that had never been colonized by a Western or European country. While their history is very rich, their culture is a little more insular and provincial than other Southeast Asian countries.

Outside of Bangkok, Thai girls are actually pretty conservative. Many are Buddhists who save their virginity until marriage.

Most of them have never even been on a date with a foreigner.

If you approach such girls on the street or in a coffee shop, they will be very shy and timid, even if they’re interested in you.

In Bangkok and some of the bigger cities, girls are noticeably less conservative and are more down to party with foreigners. If you love going to nightclubs and partying into the wee hours, you will have no problem finding Thai girls to have fun with.

When you go to Thailand, don’t expect your dates to be filled with philosophical conversations about the meaning of life. Because their English is limited, the conversations will usually be quite basic. You might find some girls who like a little slapstick humor.

But be careful.

With their lese majeste laws, be especially cautious what you say about Thai politics within earshot of any Thai national. Or better yet, just don’t bring up political topics at all.

Their enthusiasm about sex is mixed, but many Thais enjoy it as much as you do.

Some Thais will be very hesitant to go to your room even after taking a different Tinder dick every night of the previous week. Others will have no problem with getting straight to business. I’ve had Thais who lay in bed like a starfish and did not moan during sex.

I’ve also had Thais who were loud screamers, wanting to fuck in every position imaginable in every room, including the balcony. I even had to kick one girl out of my place at 4 am because she was so horny and wouldn’t let me sleep!

While Bangkok, and to some extent Chiang Mai, are becoming somewhat Westernized, in these cities Thais have better English and are much more open to dating foreigners. However, they can still be particular about dating men of specific ethnic groups (some, but not all). Thais can be resistant, or even openly racist, to African Americans, Middle Easterners and especially Indians—very similar to Ukrainian women.

Unfortunately, with increasing Westernization in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, some Thais have been developing a bit of an attitude behind their surface politeness, especially if they have a colorful past with other foreigners.

At least the standard of living in Thailand is high and is a great place to live, especially if you make the effort to learn a few words of Thai.

Bangkok is one of the only places in the world you can get first world accommodation at third world prices.

You can travel to other areas of Thailand and even neighboring countries with basement air fares, and there is no shortage of great spots to explore whether you like the city, beach or the mountains.

You can see the looks and behavior of Thai girls on this website.

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southeast asian girls

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]Femininity: 5
Looks: 5
Attitude: 4
Intelligence: 5
Conservativeness: 4
English: 2[/thrive_text_block]

I’ve lived in Vietnam for about three months total and I love Vietnamese women.

They are smart and hard working, yet feminine people with cheery attitudes. Vietnam can be a difficult country to live in, but they are a resilient people. I believe their resilience through thick and thin comes from the Vietnam War and, going further back in time, its rich history with multiple dynasties feuding for power.

Like Thailand, Vietnam is predominantly Buddhist.

They have a higher level of intellectual curiosity about the world, more so than other Southeast Asian girls. Many are curious about foreigners, and will even approach you to take selfies or to practice English with you.

Generally, Vietnamese women have bigger tits and asses than Thais due to the Chinese genetic influence from the North. Indeed, northern Vietnamese women have a distinct Chinese look. Other than minor nose jobs, plastic surgery or skin whitening creams are less popular here than in other Asian countries. The Vietnamese seem to embrace their authenticity both in appearance and personality.

However, they generally are quite conservative. Premarital sex is forbidden and promiscuity is publicly shamed.

Of course, many girls do it on the down low. In public, they are self-conscious about being seen with a foreigner, so they will not kiss you in public.

But in private, they get very enthusiastic during sex. They finally get a chance to release that pent-up sexual energy (and the smile on their face after they finish is priceless).

This is unlikely to happen on the first date, though.

If you are looking for a place to party and take home a different girl every night, Vietnam is not for you.

But if you want a long term relationship or even a wife, Vietnam might be a good place to look if you are patient enough to give it several dates and learn some Vietnamese. If you wanted to know what dating was like in America circa 1950s, Vietnam might be worth a look.

Personally, I have much more engaging conversations with Vietnamese girls than Thais, Indonesians or Filipinas. Even with a lower level of English, Vietnamese girls have more going on up in their brains.

If they like you, they might even make an effort to improve their English.

My current Vietnamese girlfriend didn’t have good English when we first met, and conversation was a little painfully slow at first. But in the past 4-5 months, her English has improved by leaps and bounds. Frankly, I’m amazed how she picked it up so fast as English is not an easy language to master.

The other side to their higher intelligence, however, is that they can be quite cunning if they want to. Caveat emptor.

The problem with Vietnam is if you don’t speak Vietnamese, you have a small pool of English-speaking women to work with. A little effort spent in learning Vietnamese will open up a much wider pool of higher quality women for you.

Remember, Vietnam is far from a first world country and the amenities you are used to will be more expensive and harder to come by. Still, if you have a Vietnamese girl who likes you, she can help you get better deals instead of constantly getting overcharged with foreigner prices. You’d be able to travel to beautiful places and exotic beaches up and down the coast on a budget.

The bottom line is Vietnam can be a great place to meet girls if you are patient, willing to learn the culture and language, and meet people through social events other than bars or nightclubs.

Check out Vietnamese women on this website.

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[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]Femininity: 5
Looks: 3
Attitude: 5
Intelligence: 3
Conservativeness: 3
English: 5[/thrive_text_block]

Filipinas are among my favorite girls in all of Southeast Asia. They exude so much sweetness and femininity, it’s enough to melt the most bitter and black-hearted man in the world.

There’s a reason why male retirees flock to the Philippines.

They really know how to take care of a man and how to make him happy. Plus, one of the best things about Filipinas is that they speak English! The middle-class ones or higher will be nearly fluent in English, and these are the ones you should go for—not the poorer ones who might be more after your money over your personality. The higher up in class they are, the better educated.

But the gap between the rich and poor in the Philippines is absolutely staggering and the poverty is crushing.

Although most Filipinas are average and plain-looking, it is not hard to find some beautiful ones. Despite the growing obesity problem in the Philippines, high birth rates lend an almost unlimited supply of young Filipinas eager to meet a gentleman who has his shit together.

The look of Filipinas vary from north to south. In the north, on the island of Luzon where Manila resides, the girls tend to be taller and a bit whiter. In the south, especially around Visayas where Cebu is, or further down in Mindanao where Davao City is, they tend to be a little shorter and darker. Many Filipinas have some Spanish blood, so bigger asses are more common among them than Thais or East Asians.

Remember my story above about me getting sick and a girl giving me medicine and soup? That was a Filipina.

I don’t doubt that other Southeast Asian girls would do the same for you if you got sick, though. Filipinas are exceedingly sweet and affectionate—it can almost be too much. If they really like you, she will cry when you are apart even just for one day. It’s how they express their feelings for you.

As a whole, Filipinas are conservative. Most people in the Philippines are Catholic.

They are extremely loyal to their families, even to a fault—for example, consistently putting their families ahead of their own spouses, or even giving half of their paycheck to their parents.

Still, despite them being conservative, they are extremely curious about foreign men and sometimes see them as a way out of poverty.

So if you visit the Philippines, you will likely have no problem finding a girl to sleep with. Some girls are even willing to go straight to your room and get down to business, especially if you stay in the Makati area of Manila. However, girls who do that are probably not the best relationship material.

If you can handle living in a third world country with lots of poverty, understand their deep-seated cultural loyalty towards their family, and have the sense to screen out scammers or bad prospects for a wife, the Philippines could be a great place for you in the long term.

It can also be good for a short visit and to sleep with lots of girls, but many Filipinas are now catching onto guys who travel to the Philippines just for that purpose—they call them “fuckboys”.

Instead, I would encourage guys who go to the Philippines to find just one girl they actually like, and take her on a trip to one of the 7,000 beautiful islands with fresh seafood, white sand beaches and clear blue-green water.

Trips like that are far more rewarding than constantly chasing tail.

As a final note, Filipino Cupid is a goldmine for these girls.

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[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]Femininity: 3
Looks: 4
Attitude: 5
Intelligence: 4
Conservativeness: 4
English: 4[/thrive_text_block]

If you’re walking down a random street in Jakarta, you’d be hard pressed to find a stunner.

Most Indonesian women are plain looking and a little rough around the edges. Many are somewhat plump. Although I’ve spent only a limited amount of time in Indonesia, I’ve met quite a few sexy Indonesian ladies. They can be found off Tinder, at the malls or at bars and nightclubs.

Nightclubs are the best place to find the real stunners in Jakarta.

You might also find them in Bali, but you’re more likely to run into other tourists there from Russia or Australia.

As a foreigner in Indonesia, people will stare at you. Even—especially—the girls wearing hijabs. Prepared to get stared at like a rare piece of meat when you visit.

If you’re traveling off the beaten path in Indonesia, the first thing to understand about this country is that it is predominantly Muslim.

A solid majority of Indonesian girls are very conservative and will not have sex until marriage. But there are some who would happily engage in oral or anal sex to preserve their hymen, so if you are looking for a wife, you still need to do your due diligence.

In the cities like Jakarta or Bali, many girls are much more liberal when it comes to sex before marriage. Like Filipinas and some Thais, some would come directly to your room and get straight to business. These girls are surprisingly open-minded when it comes to no-strings-attached sex or being fuck buddies.

If this happens to you when you visit Jakarta, it’s highly likely that she’s done this before.

For example, if you stay in the Thamrin Residences—a famous and well known apartment complex for foreign travelers—and she says, “Oh yes I know Thamrin, I’ve been there before”, this is exactly what I’m talking about 99% of the time. Wrap it up!

Most Indonesian girls speak passable English, so you will not have much trouble communicating with them. You can even find girls who will have interesting conversations with you. Like the Vietnamese, they are hardworking and driven people—hungering for an an edge in life and to stay out of poverty.

Jakarta is not an easy city to stomach for more than a week at a time.

The pollution, traffic with incompetent drivers, minor inconveniences adding up daily, random rainstorms, expensive alcoholic drinks and a lack of fun things to do can be tough to deal with on a daily basis.

Many people opt to go straight to Bali instead.

The more adventurous travelers will usually spring for an itinerary from Jakarta to Surabaya, Yogyakarta, a strenuous hike up a high-altitude volcano, and finish it off with a few relaxing days on a nice beach before heading home.

You can see what Indonesian girls look like for free on Indonesian Cupid.

Conclusion on Southeast Asian Girls

southeast asian girls

Despite these differences, Southeast Asian girls in Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia have a lot of similarities.

They are feminine, sweet and know how to treat a man.

Let’s hope it stays this way because I have seen and heard anecdotal cases of Western influence creeping into these countries in recent years. Nothing to be alarmed about yet, but I worry that Southeast Asia could be a very different place 20 to 30 years from now compared to today.

Although there’s no way to know which country you will like best until you visit and meet at least a few girls, I would personally recommend starting with Thailand first if you have never been to Southeast Asia before.

Unless you’re an experienced traveler feeling extra adventurous, visiting a “second-world” country like Thailand is a sensible introduction to Southeast Asia as opposed to diving straight into a third-world country.

As I wrap up this post, which I hope you find useful, I’ll leave you with this one last tip—please treat Southeast Asian girls right. I implore you to do your best to not break their hearts. Because if you hurt them deeply, they might turn just as bitter as the caricatural Western woman we all love to bash.

Oh yeah—there’s one more thing you need to know… and I promise you this is not a joke…


Superstitions run very deeply in Buddhist countries like Thailand and Vietnam. They believe in ghosts, so keep that in mind before suggesting to watch a horror flick in your room…

Kyle Back Now…

After taking my first trip to Thailand in March of 2019, I do have to agree with many of the thoughts and sentiments shared in this article.

Thailand is a GREAT place for the first-time traveler to go. The infrastructure is good, everyone speaks English, and as long as you can tolerate the heat, I can pretty much guarantee you’re going to have an awesome time. And while I only spent time in Phuket outside of Bangkok, the whole country as a whole is pretty developed, and the people are great.

I haven’t been to the other places in this article, so take this with a grain of salt.

  • Everyone, and I mean everyone, tells me that while Jakarta is FANTASTIC for dating, that it’s an absolute dump of a city. Bali is supposed to be beautiful as well, just lots of tourists.
  • Everyone is hopping on the Vietnam train lately, and I even know several men who have married, or are about to marry, a Viet girl. This also means that eventually Vietnam will also likely go the way of Thailand, and just be totally overrun with foreigners.
  • Everyone seems to be pretty tired of the Philippines. It’s just always something. The girls aren’t hot enough, things don’t run well enough, there’s obviously been some conflicts there recently…either way, it seems they’ve just fallen off the radar.

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  1. I must mention that I have been treated better by bar girls/rent a girlfriends when I was overseas compared to most western women.

      1. In 2001/03, I didn’t expect it. But I found the difference absolutely puzzling considering the way I was brainwashed growing up. Attitudes of AB’s are a good reason why guys need to see the world. The truth came out.

  2. Filipina attitudes often get out of hand. I’d give them a 3 or 4, not a 5. I also think that Indonesian femininity should be at least 4 haha.

    Fantastic article, all in all.

    1. Masculine Expat here. I’m happy you liked the article — thanks! Yeah, in hindsight, I probably should have been a little more generous with Indonesian femininity. As for the Filipinas, that would be sad if they’re getting more attitude… I’ve heard from a few other guys who said the same thing.

      1. Not so much attitude like Western women exhibit. I think it’s the fact they speak very good English already, so they use a few idioms/slangs/phrases I hear back in the US. Phils girls like likely remain a superior option for guys into the forseeable future.

        IMO, they are pretty sweet and even the filipinas I’ve met in the US were not bad either. I prefer Viets, then maybe Indos, Fils, then Thai.

        1. Naturally if they know some of the culture and slang – well, most of that is designed to make women look tough and masculine. Makes a lot of sense.

          Thanks for clarifying!

  3. Nice article! I liked the metric scale used.
    It would be nice if Kyle wrote a follow up article comparing these groups of SEA women to EE women(Ukrainian and Russian) using the same metric system used in this article.

  4. The second time I went to Thailand I was by myself where I got very bad food poisoning within the first week. That same night I was on a date where the next day, she brought over food and look after me! She even took some time off her work to look after me. It took me 10 minutes to eat half a piece of bread the next day after having food poisoning. She even cleaned my room and keep coming over with food and look after me until I was back on my feet after 4 days. It blew my mind!!!!

    I had a motorbike accident years ago in the West where I had about 5+ girls in my rotation! Not one helped me when I couldn’t walk for 6 months! One came over and left after seeing how bad I was. She avoid me until after 6 months.

    After the food poisoning in Thailand, I haven’t touched a dysfunctional western women in 10 years now where my life is 100x better with basically no drama! With Western went these always some kind of drama or game she is playing.

    Western women aren’t women! Thailand is where I visit every year for 3-6 months. When I’m back in shitty Australia, all I do is keep my head down and work and dream about heading back SE Asian!

    1. 5+ women in your rotation? It doesn’t sound like you were really looking for a quality woman. I hate to see the west change other cultures. We bring them our worst and take their best.

  5. Hey Kyle, I was wondering if you could please reach out to me at my email address. I had a few questions about planning a long trip to South East Asia and I would really appreciate any words of wisdom. Thanks and I hope to hear from you!

      1. Okay cool. My first question is, as an American, what should my first steps be for preparing a long travel abroad trip. For instance, I really want to start in Thailand but how/where do I get a visa, a job, or find a place to live? Thanks

        1. Dude, there is so much info out there on both this site and others — if you’re unwilling to just figure that out – you won’t make it.

          It’s hard work. Don’t be lazy.

          1. I am definitely willing to research information, I was just asking for some pointers. Thanks though, I will keep uo to date with your postings, great stuff!

  6. Okay cool. My first few questions are, as an American, what should my first steps be for preparing a long travel abroad trip. For instance, I really want to start in Thailand but how/where do I get a visa, a job, or find a place to live? Thanks

  7. Fantastic comparison between SEA girls! 😀 But you should find a picture of Thai girls that are more true to how they look. That picture was not good!

    Other than that. Good stuff. 🙂

  8. Good views and I tend to agree with you, although I have never been to Indo, I think it’s similar to Malaysia. The girls in Malaysia are really quite friendly, smile and say hi. Not so much in Thailand.
    After my divorce I now live in Thailand for 6 years. I’ve always been attracted to Asian women. I’ll never date another western way!
    My experience with the kindness of asian women is the same, they can be very caring, even if they don’t know how, their effort is amazing.
    They can be temperamental at times, but usually they get over it or leave.
    Burmese and Laotian women are very soft temper, caring and lovely to look at and talk with.
    Thais are not very ambitious and you are right, insular is a good way of putting. They can be very immature too, almost acting like 12 year olds in the west.
    Vietnamese are wonderful, more attractive and more physically fit….and way more ambitious and intelligent.
    I live in Thailand, but spend a lot of time in Vietnam. I like the rush and fast paced life of Saigon. Buying things in the market and negotiating is fun. Give them a break and realize how much they are making. Don’t beat them up to try and save 5 cents. When you buy a polo shirt, do you really care if it’s $2.15 or $2.20? Its a steal…give them the money, they need it more than you… and you’ll make them happy, maybe even strike up a friendship.
    Lastly… I really hate western men that come to asia and treat the women like crap… there are more broken hearts here from scumbag western men than you can imagine. I warn all my Thai and Vietnamese girl friends, DO NOT date holiday men…if they do not live here, stay away or just go on dates, no sex. Men that come from the west and lie to these nice girls just for sex and cheat them out of hard earned money are stupid idiots.

    1. As a long term asian expat I think you have a tourist point of view. eg Vietnam if you play day game 2 girls a day is easily possible on a holiday and they dont call you if you dont call them afterwards. They are very practical. A Thai girl will track you forever and they can be very hard to dump. Young Vietnamese as well I had 2 marriage proposals one was 20 lol. over 23 they are past it as local men dont want old women like them. Well educated and hardworking (easy to meet real girls who dont want an ATM just a decent man). Often they are wild when other Vietnamese are not around. Stay in airnb not a hotel. Indonesian and Malay Malaysian are def the best in bed and total sex maniacs but beware of religious police. as in all of Asia dont use bars or clubs to find girls use any other social activity from coffee shops, couchsurfing, language exchanges, socials and even dating sites (but many scammers). Jakarta has many Javanese girls who are less attractive and more money grabbing than othet Indos. Phillipines has a massive surplus of girls (well same im all asia hence lots of men have 2 wives) and some are hot and easy enouth. Thai girls are the worst as Thai on Thai dating culture is the man is the ATM. You do get high class girls that make good wives – often with rich dads who make sure you get a good career. Also some that go out of their way to pay for everything. Seriously fun to meet a sexy girl who pays for hotel dinner and beers as a statement of independence. Only in Thailand will that happen! But generally the cultural barrier is 10x worse in Thailand for a gf or wife.

  9. I learned to speak Vietnamese fluently. OMG what a field day! Unbelievable.
    My advantage will be erased by instant translation technology, but I have already stockpiled a lifetime of happy memories, as good as any porno movie.

  10. One of the greatest things I’ve read in my life. Epic article. Only made even more epic by my own personal experiences in China, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Thailand. Well played maestro…Well played. Your article was excellently written, accurate (given my own limited knowledge of East/Southeast Asia), and healing. I’ve had some of the best, sweetest, most romantic, passionate, bonding relations with women in East/Southeast Asia. I’ve fallen in love/lust many times over. And I absolutely love your segment about not breaking their hearts. Shows you are a good-hearted person. And I agree completely. I’ve treated them all very sweetly, tenderly, affectionately, like the life-saving queens they are, and killed them with kindness, humor, playfulness, and big American dick. I take them shopping, take them out to dinner, walk hand-in-hand on the beach under the moonlight. I disagree on two counts: 1) Being an ass man rather than breast man, I’ve found Thai women, on average, to have slightly more ass than Chinese women. Could be just the luck of the draw for me. 2) While I wholeheartedly agree that Western White women need a complete “re-boot” on how to be women, there are many Western White women that are awesome. It’s just a little harder to find them. But they are out there. I married a Western White woman who would treat me the way your Filipina treated you, she used to iron my clothes for work in the morning, make me breakfast, and pack my lunch, and that was after that quick and savage morning sex that we all love/need so much. She got cancer. Rest is history.

    Bottom Line: amazing article. Just spent three weeks in Thailand/Cambodia/Laos (mostly Thailand) and am going back to Bangkok again in a week to spend Christmas and New Years there. God bless…

  11. Great article, I concur with every word. I have dated multiple nationalities in the USA, and lived long-term in Mexico, Thailand and now Philippines. I am now living with a Filipina hottie, 34 years my junior, who is okay with me having other women, as long as she gets her needs met. How cool is THAT? Yeah, baby!

    1. I think it was fair, open and dare I say balanced and honest. As for the guy who says it’s derogatory, I’d say it properly showed multiple viewpoints not necessarily those that the writer condoned.

  12. Kyle looks like a pretty good looking dude… The thing about the rest of us, is that SEA girls are more willing to look past a beer belly and old age in the hopes of finding someone who will be HONEST, treat them DECENT and provide them with A WAY OUT.

    I know (knew) a 70+ Y/O American who married a 35 Y/O Filipina… It was crazy, but she stayed by his side until he passed away last year! Started with oral and ended with Changing his diapers. TRUE STORY!

    I’ve been married to a Filipina woman 10+ years and I agree with most of this, just wanted to encourage any decent men who may not be as hot as Kyle (lol), that you have a good shot to find a good woman in the Philippines.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement!…..I happen to be almost 50….and greying at the sides….African American….hoping to find the right kind of woman in either Thailand of the Philippines….I only have cash to do this once….so I was wondering WHICH country to visit frist?…..where would I stand a better chance of walking away “betrothed” to an awesome woman?…and you answered my query on the matter….so I guess the Philippines it is!!!!! Now….to find out when the “typhoon” season ends so I can book a flight accordingly!..LoL!!

      Cheers!….and thanks again for the insight!!!

      Eric D.

  13. This guy Kyle Trouble has written an article that shows his intelligence is less than average. He has a parameter called intelligence, and another called attitude. Then he manages to give western women a 2/5 in intelligence, due to feminism etc which fits better in the category of “attitude”. Perhaps the problem is that western women are too intelligent for him?

    1. > Perhaps the problem is that western women are too intelligent for him?

      Definitely not the case. American culture is awful and the women are the most spoiled, pampered, and erratic in the whole world.

      It’s just a fact at this point. Why are you rushing to their defense? Fedora, much?

  14. This guy called Bill has written an article that shows his intelligence is less than average. He has a parameter called intelligence, and another called attitude. Then he manages to give western women a 2/5 in intelligence, due to feminism etc which fits better in the category of “attitude”. Perhaps the problem is that western women are too intelligent for him? For the record, in spite of having a smaller brain than western men, western women are on par with western men regarding intelligence.

  15. I just stumbled upon this post. I have dated Fili, Cambodian, Vietnam, and Chinese women. I have dated more Chinese women though. And from these groups, I would say that most Chinese women, while very gorgeous, lack a certain level of maturity (the ones from small villages are more mature in my opinion).

    All the SE Asian women had a much more caring mentality (not to say that 1 or 2 Chinese women I knew had that quality), which for a potential future mate/partner, that says “good mother” to me. But yes, don’t go with the women in bars if you want something serious. I am also skeptical about the women that would want to put out on first date. That being said, I found the Vietnamese ones to be absolute bombshells.

  16. I don’t know. I’m in Thailand and I’m just not attracted to the women. Most have no ass, no tits, bad skin, thin lips, and weird noses. The odd one is really good looking is usually a lady boy. Vietnamese women are ten notches better looking over all. Just my taste. But the Thai girls in that pic looks really weird to me.

  17. This article somehow makes me feel a mixture of intense nostalgia, and sadness. It’s almost painful, I feel it right in the center of my chest.

  18. It depends on who you ask. In Asia, women with dark skin are considered to be not so beautiful. Among those countries, I found that Vietnamese women are in general the most beautiful. Thai women with mixed Thai-Chinese heritage and those in the North are quite beautiful.

  19. Being an Indian, I need to make a point about Thai women not liking Indians.

    Like most generalisations, it’s both correct and wrong.

    The cheap Indian young traveller is scorned by 3 star hotels and lower, as also many massage parlours for their obnoxious behaviour. Pretty much the same for the other bulk tourist to Thailand – Chinese.

    Having said that, the entire world, and specially women love the colour of money.

    Please visit Shock 39 Petchburi, it has only Indians. Entry is 400. It remains open till 4 am, and more recently besides beautiful Thai women, a large number of Central European women are there. Most of these women love India / Indians.

    In Pattaya, if you may have noticed, every 3rd restaurant is Indian.

    Tony’s bar in walking street is a repeat of Shcik 39.

    And of course in ANY 5 star massage place which costs over 10,000 for a few very pleasant hours also sees a fair chunk if Indian clientele.

    The Big Fat Indian wedding is now an important contributor to Thai tourism.

    Yes, there is a fascination for the white skin, but as the women are getting smarter, they are quickly finding that the Indian man is more loaded than possibly younger and more handsome farang. But for any casual fuck, they have just 1 matrix, compared to your meticullous 5 as to who they want to spend the evening with.

  20. The guy who wrote this is completely a idiot don’t believe this article at all. I been going to Asian countries since the military in the late 90’s. These girls don’t care about your race they all see green. Degrading ones race for and ethnic background shows he is pretty salty about something. LOSER

      1. LOL. Why is it there’s always that one older guy who fights tooth and nail to try to counter modern opinions based on personal experiences from 20+ years ago?

        Some people have a broken view of the world and are stuck in a “frozen fram of reference”, I’ve noticed over time.

        1. Hey, I’m an old fart and I appreciate the opinions and experiences of those willing to share. I had one of those bratty entitled white wives and just started something with a Filipina woman 12 years younger. I greatly appreciate the warnings found here and elsewhere. There were some questionable things that kept making me wonder if it was a scam. I wouldn’t say I’m totally out of the woods yet, but each warning has so far passed the OK check. A few more to go. But I am aware of them and can feel good I may have found a real gem. No doubt this one is sweet, caring and that femininity exudes out of her. I love that.

          I don’t mind supporting her 2 daughters if it comes to marriage (and only then). But I do have a couple of questions. Does their culture expect a parent to support adult children? From conversation, it seems as if the oldest daughter has it in her mind to take care of her mother. Would it be legit or rude to insist that I would only support the children and not her siblings or parents? I haven’t had that conversation yet and wouldn’t mind hearing what those who may know would think.

          I am Korean American. Not that it should matter, but let’s be real. It does. I can handle that.

          Kyle, I first thought your assessment on white women intelligence was way off as my ex is highly educated and book smart. But she is life dumb and your explanation on the stupidity of feminism is spot on. There is a huge difference between equality that accepts gender differences and the power grab idiocy that is feminism.

  21. Haha its tru…
    if you com in like an avarage american spending whole your salary to “buy friends” in asia you wil only see the greedy once…

    on the other hand , young asian girls who look for a foreighner do that for a reason..
    and young western man who look in poor countries for a girl do that for a reason

    its eazy to critisize eachother what manny times happens between different types of white in asia..
    manny think they are the best and they know it the best..

    and indeed pinay are the best in adapting smoothly to each man.
    how weird or how old or how uggly that does not matter them…
    as long as you give them money for the family…
    maybe not the first year but the second year she will start milking and wil take control if you alowed her the power over your money…
    thats why it are not the loosers who you see sit alone in the bars…
    it are the more experienced men…knowing how pinay are..

    “a pinay is a combination between a mirror and a camelion
    they give you the feeling she is exact the same like you
    until you fall hopelessly in love
    and then she leaves you broken hearted and broke (without money)”

    that line is not mine but from a smart american with a canadian friend who lives 18 years in the philippines…

  22. I appreciate the article and hopefully someone can answer this question. What Asian women like the sun? I lived is Asia for fifteen years and used to joke with friends that Asia has the most beautiful women and the most incredible women, women who don’t like the sun. So my question is, what Asian country can I find an amazing woman who likes the sun and beach? I was previously married to a Chinese woman who avoided the sun (fair enough, she was 35 and looked 21) but now I have a sailboat and need a girl who likes the sun. Any ideas?

        1. All girls like the beach dude. You might just have to deal with her walking around under an umbrella all the time.

  23. it’s a fair observation. There are attractive Thai ladies, but you have to look among the higher class ones and they are harder to date.

  24. 3 decades expat in Asia.

    the article mirrors my experiences.

    were i to do it over again knowing what i know now, it would be Vietnam all the way because of the combination of beauty and brains.

  25. I agree, too. Great article. You HAVE a heart, Kyle. Theproblem is with many people (and not only feminists): They cannot stand someone telling the truth. Interpersonal relationships, especially those between men and women, are not for the faint of heart. Evolution doesn’t care about what someone feels (I remember the feminist meltdown after an article on wome in Panam). That said, thanks for this (and other) great aritcles. Cheers.

  26. “Please treat Southeast Asian girls right. I implore you to do your best to not break their hearts.” Hahahahaha. Sucker.

  27. “Vietnamese girlfriend didn’t have good English”. Lol. How’s yours?
    You forgot to mention how All Asian girls a wholly preoccupied with money. Also you will be expected to support their entire family. If you turn over your entire paycheck and your happy with that then you will be just fine..

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