Last updated: August 12, 2019

Solo (Female) Trips and Lots of…Well, You Know…



There’s a trend in the western dating world, where women take solo trips to foreign, exotic lands by themselves.

In previous times, this would be unheard of.

Namely, because of wild animals and the threat of imminent death if a woman (or hell, even a solo man) wandered too far from the village and the protection it provided. You never, ever left by yourself.

But now, there’s this new thing…

European trips.

Or Australian.

Or, for some girls who really like the danger, Latin America…

Reason why is incredibly simple:

Modern life has gotten too easy, and girls crave adventure, amongst other things.

It’s my opinion that if your girl ever, ever mentions taking a solo trip to a foreign continent by herself, or even with just one or two single friends, your relationship is likely doomed. You may still be able to salvage it, but she’s started to walk the plank. It’s only a matter of time until she walks off completely and throws herself overboard.

It’s up to you at that point to try to fix it, if you even want to.

But, make no mistake…

She will take that trip, rationalize it to herself that it’s okay to do whatever she wants to do (it “doesn’t count” if it’s on vacation, right…).

And then, likely, she’ll find a way to pin the blame on YOU for not being exciting enough when she inevitably lets the cat out of the bag because she wants to see how you react. It’s drama, it’s fun, it’s full of emotion…it’s exactly what girls are always craving.

You just need to know…

How to give that to her in the scheme of your relationship.

And not a trip to Barcelona for “Girl’s Week”.

I don’t have anything more to add to that.

For men though, travel has all the ability to make all the difference.

So, if you’re truly ready to see what you’re missing out on by not dating overseas…really, what are you waiting for?

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  1. God, yeah…

    I’ve never once met a girl who traveled for (pleasure not business) that wasn’t an odd duck. It’s like they think that if they travel then they are truly “cultured”. Not knowing that the more you act that way, the less people can connect with you.

  2. Just got back from Kharkiv. A girl that a spent 3 weeks with there (not girlfriend), went to Barcelona a week after I left. She was sweet for the first week I was gone, and then 3 days into her trip to Barcelona, she found an excuse to blow up and stop talking to me.

    A month later, she told me that she fucked a random guy she met during her trip. Told me that I had given her motivation because I was a player and was doing the same thing.

    Totally fucked with my mind. What you said couldn’t be more true.

    It was funny because while I was there, she was telling me how her best friend wanted to go with her to Barcelona, but how she preferred to be by herself. We can kind of see why now.

    3 weeks trying to take her virginity in Kharkiv and her pussy wouldn’t let me. Stuck getting stinky dick and half-assed blowjobs. A few days in Barcelona, and her virginity is gone.

    Crazy how girls will justify the things they do on vacation.

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