Last updated: November 29, 2016

Snapchat Seduction by Brock Robinson



My friend Brock Robinson of The City Bachelor put out a new book called Snapchat Seduction. 

Anyways—onwards! Snapchat Seduction is an all-encompassing guide to getting laid off of Snapchat. Yeah, apparently that is truly a thing these days. I’m getting old, it seems.

And really, what I have to say is this: Brock knocks it out of the park with his first book. Snapchat Seduction is a great blueprint to meeting girls off of the popular app, and will give any guy the tools to succeed with it if they put in the work.


Let’s put it this way, a lot of products out there talk theory but then don’t show any real-life interactions. Every time some nobody sends me their latest texting guide, I just chuckle.

You’re telling me you can’t include a couple of examples?

Well, Brock has gone above and beyond with the examples. You can mimic your style and adjust it to your game, and you’ll be off and running with Snapchat as a method to meet girls.

Here’s some examples on how to open a girl:


For better or worse, it seems the dating world is continuing to go in the direction of technology and online dating. While I wouldn’t classify this as online dating by any stretch of the imagination—technology is a huge part of the game now.

Even with girls you cold approach in person will be receptive to the strategies laid out in Brock’s book. Not only does it create more opportunities, but it will give you more tools to succeed with girls across the board.

Click here to buy Snapchat Seduction.

Also, Brock appeared on Troublesome Radio recently, so make sure to check that out. If that doesn’t convince you that he knows what he talks about—I’m not sure what will 🙂

Click here to buy Snapchat Seduction.

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