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Singapore Love Link Review: The Ultimate Guide



Singaporean women are one of the sexiest and classiest on the planet. Yes, not just in Asia. Which is why you’ve come to this Singapore Love Link review in the first place!

In this ultimate guide, get to know:

  • How the Singaporean women are like.
  • What are they looking for in a guy.
  • If Singapore love link’s premium membership is worth getting.
  • If they’re the place to be when it comes to meeting Singaporean women.

We’ll get to find out all of this and more, so let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

Singapore Love Link Review: The Basics

For those of you who are unaware, Singapore Love Links is one of Cupid Media’s child sites. I know, you couldn’t tell because of the name; but truly, it is!

This means that this site is not just a gem for the Singaporean singles (men and women alike). In fact, the availability of Singapore Love Link actually extends to countries like Japan as well as the United Kingdom.

You’ll be able to find your perfect match on here based off of the latest technology in database matchmaking. To put it in simple terms, they have a program that analyses your profile and be able to find the perfect match for you.

It’s crazy when you come to think of it; because one of their guarantees is that even if your supposed match is on the other side of the world, they will be willing to find that match just for you.

Most, if not all of the time though, it works!

Number Of Members: More Than You Could Ask For

Singapore Love Links has more than 300,000 members on their site and by the time I’m done writing this review, that number would have grown more as the site has been trending up.

The active weekly? Eighty thousand. That’s a lot by the way in terms of Cupid Media’s standards.

Most of the active members here are, of course, Singaporean. And although there are some who are from another country, the chances are they are looking for a Singaporean single as well. Because, who wouldn’t want to date a Singaporean lady in the first place?

Proximity-Based Algorithm

This is what they use in terms of their matchmaking. This means that the system will automatically choose for you people who are close within your area.

That said, Singapore Love Link allows you to enhance your search to be able to find users who are outside of Singapore. All you need to do is do a filter on your preferences and that should do the trick.

Even Distribution

What’s good about this site too is that there’s an even distribution of the men and women here (50% for both). This definitely makes it exciting for you, because it guarantees you at least a new match almost each and every time you log in.

This also makes it easier for you to be able to find eventually that gal you feel most compatible with. We know, thank God for Singapore Love Links!

What Are Women In Singapore Like?

There’s been this well-known stereotype of Singaporean women being so, well, materialistic. We know that this is not shocking to some of you who’ve made it this far in the article.

In fact, when you create a profile in Singapore Love Links, it’s the only one of Cupid Media’s sites (we think) that gives an option of “Home Ownership” and “Car Owned.”

An absolute eye-opener, isn’t it? But the truth is, this is something that you shouldn’t worry about that much. The reason being…

Not everyone is like this in Singapore. And there are definitely more decent women here than the materialistic and spoiled ones.

They’re classy, and no it’s not in the negative way that you’re probably thinking right now. They’re not always after your car, your house or your money in general; although there are some whom you can’t just deny are like this. You just have to watch out for those!

The good thing is that in Singapore Love Link, it’s a very small percentage. The women here actually will appreciate your honesty. And we honestly think that that’s even a big plus on your part. You just have to play the cards right, say the right words and win her heart in the end.

Singapore love links review

What The Ladies Here Are Looking For In A Guy

Again, one would think that Singaporean women are all just about the dough and the cars and the home. That’s what they all say when they describe the Singaporean lady.

One who’s more mindful of her bank account than she is of you. But no, they’re not.

Most of the women on Singapore Love Link are very much open to meeting men of whichever kind.

Though you have to keep in mind that they have this one very important standard:


Being in Asia, there is a certain kind of traditionalism in Singapore.

Women are taught growing up that they should find themselves a man who would be able to take care of them. And no, they are not necessarily looking to be treated like princesses.

That’s just the practicality of life for them. Singaporean men are breadwinners and Singaporean women are homemakers.

The women here know better than to be with a man who can’t provide anything for her. That does not necessarily mean that she’s materialistic.

The Times Are Changing In Singapore

It’s taken them a while to catch on, but more and more women in Singapore are becoming independent. This is due to its obvious economic independence; which has made this country more gender equal.

There are a few implications that we can get out of this.

One is that because women have more freedom, they have a lot more choices when it comes to the men that they meet and eventually date. This obviously coincides with the latest trends of Singapore Love Link, in which women are more open to dating whichever kind of men.

That being said, because the women can get to choose more whomever they want to meet and date, they also have the right to be picky.

This is why you still need to be at the top of your game should you decide to pursue a lady on this site. The chances of you finding a gem on Singapore Love Link though, are quite high!

Singapore Love Link Review: Should I Go For The Premium Membership?

You may and at the same time you may now. It all depends on how serious you are with finding the Singaporean woman of your dreams here.

Here’s the thing that you need to know about Singapore Love Link though…

You can sign up for free membership.

You’ll get the basic features, and at the same time you can be able to search through the the ones who are also on the website.

The big question here would be if you can actually talk to the women on this site if it’s just the free membership…you actually can, but what needs to happen is that either one of you should be a premium member for you to commence chatting.

Does that mean that I don’t have to pay then?

Technically, yes. But believe us when we say that this is not the ideal way to meet your Singaporean girl at all.

For one, they’re not that fond at all when it comes to paying to be able to chat with others. This is an first-world Asian country first and foremost. So you can expect that they’re founded in quite a reserved and conservative culture. And that’s even when this place has become more “open.”

So chances are you’d only be able to find a handful of them with paid membership.

Now while that may not necessarily be a bad thing, you’re not going to have that much success compared to getting the premium membership. Let’s face it, you’ll only get a fraction of the women that you can potentially chat and meet when you go with the free.

If you’re thinking about the expenses, you don’t have to worry about that at all because…Singapore Love Links has one of, if not the cheapest premium membership rates in all of Cupid Media’s international sites! Makes it easier to find the Singaporean girl of your dreams right? We think so too!

Final Thoughts

Perhaps one of the biggest assets with the women in Singapore Love Link is that they are very good when it comes to speaking in English. Expect no language barrier or communication issues on your first date here, or any other date for that matter.

If your answer is yes, then why don’t you shoot your shot…

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