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Why You Shouldn’t Go For The $1,200/Month “Location Independent Life”

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A reader wrote in asking what I would do if I could start my career over again. Perhaps this advice can help someone else, too.


Hey Kyle, I’ve been reading your blog pretty consistently the last few months. I can’t remember exactly, but I think I found you from a Wallstreetplayboys or 30daystox retweet. Regardless, I recently read one of your tweets that said you quit your day job 4 months ago, and are now putting money in the bank each month.

I’ll keep this short. I’m from Wisconsin, skipped college, am 19 years old, teach English in <redacted Southeast Asian city> as my “day job”, have a small side writing client for $200/month (we write content for niche sites), and have a blog similar to yours. My blog has 250+ old posts, and gets about 115 unique visitors and 150 page views per day despite being inactive.

As a hustler, what would you do in this position? Within a years time I want to be where you are now — Creating helpful content while earning more than I spend (not much as a minimalist). Any guidance or thoughts you’ve learned from your experience would be appreciated, even a few sentences from you could dramatically change how this next year plays out.



Hey Reader,

First off, thanks for reading and glad you enjoy my stuff.

First advice: I wouldn’t pursue blogging as a living again. It’s a really, really rough road. It’s taken a lot of trial and error, and I still have doubts here and there. I have other things in the pipe so I can “retire” from blogging if I decide to one day.

Ebooks don’t sell well enough, and stuff like my harem course require a lot of time, your face to be out in public, and a big enough audience that trusts you to sell a big ticket item.

Second piece of advice: remove the world “minimalist” from your vocabulary. Your goal while living abroad in a small city shouldn’t be to make the $1,200/month to live. It should be to make $10k/month and bank a ton of it for future business opportunities. Too many guys do this, and it’s hardly different than working a corporate job in America so you can barely pay the bills. I’ve tried to remove this mindset by not always going for the cheapest places (as in, spending $8 on a meal compared to $2), and making sure I actually *do* spend money overall — for example, my trip to Chernobyl set me back a couple hundred bucks, more than a Ukrainian citizen makes in a month.

This helps keep me working hard rather than just making the minimum and that’s all.

So personally, if I were in your boat — I’d keep the day job. And I’d really focus in on what you want to do on the side. I know English teachers only teach about 20-25 hours a week (before private tutoring), so I’d make a real solid business plan on what you want to do for the side business. What other skills do you have? Can you reach a level of copywriting where you can get paid several hundred an hour? Do you have design skills, or niche site ideas (Amazon doesn’t count, need a higher ticket item(s))? Do you want to get paid by the hour or do you want things that are more passive?

Those are the kind of questions I would start with, and then I’d start plugging away. I’d probably get up early (depending on when your class is) and dedicate at least the first hour or two of my day to making this happen.

I hope this helps.


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  1. For such a young bloke I’d strongly recommend saving as much money as you can any old how and investing it. Compounding from the age of 19 will be massive. This capital will tremendously expand your options, including the blogging path. Also invest in yourself through education and training, self study etc.

    1. A few years ago I cashed out my 401K that had 9 grand in it. If I would have waited until I was 65, it would have been over 600K… Rule of 72. Se La Vie… Thats french for “Fuck it.”

      1. The Rule of 72 only works when you can get decent consistent interest rates. That is not the case today. Low interest rates and inflation make 401ks pretty much worthless.

        Better to take your 9 grand and learn to build a business where you have control over how much you earn.

    2. Have to say, I agree but disagree.

      I have savings that I’ve had since 19, so I feel you on this.

      BUT…far more important than that is to have a MAJOR income generating event in your life. Selling a business, making a huge commission sale, winning the lottery…you know what I mean.

      That will do more for your long term future than stashing away money indefinitely. There’s a reason people aren’t retiring at 65 these days.

  2. “remove the world “minimalist” from your vocabulary.”

    I’ve been grappling with that word recently. I interpret minimalist/ism as not having a lot of material things you don’t need.

    Are you using it as not being cheap? Or perhaps as in don’t think small ($1200) think big (10k).

    Your posts about living abroad and traveling are some of my fav ones, even though it is quite different than my lifestyle.

    1. I’m using it as not being cheap. I’m all for having a low number of possessions, and therefore, being location flexible. But to move just to decrease your cost of living (and to only make that) is a bad mindset!

      Thanks for the compliment! Do you think that they belong here on This Is Trouble, or are they better suited for

      I’m really torn on where to take both brands and would certainly appreciate your input if you have any.

      My thoughts are that posts like this ( belong on BT but that posts like this, that deal with FREEDOM, belong here. As well as commentary on foreign girls.


      1. I would keep this post here. It’s really multifaceted, and because you give advice on making money online and business it definitely fits in with this site best imo.

  3. I don’t mean to sound dumb, but what kind of copywriting jobs pay a couple of hundred an hour? What exactly would you be doing for that kind of money. I’ve seen jobs offering very low pay in this area.

  4. I understand where you’re going on this. Blogging is a grind. I’m actually in the process of starting a travel/lifestyle blog myself. It’s more of a creative outlet for rather than a source of income. I actually have a remote 9-5 which gives me a little bit more freedom than most but would like to ditch it in favor of one of my own business ventures in the future. What are your thoughts on using a blog to gain an audience for your businesses?

    P.S. Heading to Poland and Ukraine next month. Would be cool to meet up.

    1. Well, a travel and lifestyle blog is simply SO hard to reach a point where it’s making enough money that I really don’t encourage guys to do it. A website, or blog where you post information once a week with a business behind it is not a bad idea.

      Of course, now that my travel/lifestyle/game blog is successfully making money, it’s hard to bitch too much. I do work a lot, but at the same time I get to write about travel and girls and it makes it worth it.

      I’ll likely still be in Ukraine, Kiev specifically. Shoot me an email or a Twitter DM when you’re here and we can definitely grab a drink.


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